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I've been sketching people's spirit guides for many years and this card and book set is a collection of some of my favourites over this time.

Many of you are familiar with the prototype deck pictured here, that I've been using in clinic consults. The retail version I'm working on now has each guide's name added to the image. This will be a boxed set containing 36 cards and an accompanying book. I'm hoping to have the published deck ready for posting out in June-July 2021.

I also have some optional upgrades available for you! If you order during March, I can post these out for you immediately at no extra cost. I'll be travelling during April - May so the shop will be closed during that time. Before I leave, I'll put a link here to my daughter Mikiah's website as she will be able to take orders for prints (unsigned though!) and pendants during this period of time.

If you aren't in Australia and the postage isn't looking good for you, talk to me, send me an email, I might be able to find an alternative shipping option for you.


I have some limited edition spirit guide prints available for those who place pre-orders during March. These prints are signed and attuned to the spirit guide and I'll add a personalised message from the guide for you, along with a link to a guided audio meditation that will help you connect with and learn from this spirit guide.


Some of the spirit guides have spoken to me and guided me through the process of creating unique Aura Sprays that mimic their aura frequency. Using these sprays helps connect us with the guide and their spirit-medicine. I make all of my own flower, colour and gem essences, which are the ingredients in these sprays. PS these can't be sent overseas (outside of Australia)


I'm more than happy to do an emailed written Oracle Card reading for those who add this option to their pre-order.


My daughter Mikiah makes pendants and has kindly offered to create some Spirit Guide Pendants for us!

Love Om xx

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