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This foundational course, suitable for both beginners and experienced healers, will take place over 6 months in 2021, from February through to the end of July. It teaches students the core skills Om's spirit guides taught her when training her as a healer, psychic and spirit-medium.

Spirit Medicine with Om is the foundational course in Om's Spirit Medicine Mastery training and must be completed before moving onto Mastery level. As per Om's mantra “Self-care comes first” the foundational level focuses on applying these core skills to self-care. It’s only when we know how to heal ourselves that we can become a healer for others.

For those who already have experience with healing, this coaching program is much like an online retreat that will help you anchor into and focus on quality self-care. The core skills we'll be practicing in "Spirit Medicine with Om" are skills that take a lifetime of practice to master.

Course content is delivered throughout the week in written, video and audio format, delivered to you via email and posted in the private Facebook group for shared discussion.
During the weekend Live Broadcasts, Om will answer questions about course materials and provide real-time demonstrations of technique, with guided healing meditations and readings. Viewers will be taken through Om's naturopathic clinic and dispensary, to learn about herbal medicine, mindbody health, and the chakra system. Om co-hosts these Lives with her Spirit Guides, the primary one being Gaia (Mother Nature, Earth Goddess). For this reason, the Lives are called “Gaian Lives”! From time to time, one of Gaia and/or Om's apprentices will join her as guest speaker and co-host.
The Intermission is a very special event Om and her husband Stephen will co-host between Level 1 and 2. Om and her husband of 30 years do yearly wildflower treks through the outback to search for new flower essences for the clinic. In 2021, they are planning to travel from Darwin back to Lorien Valley in Nymboida, the 100 acre nature sanctuary they care for in Northern NSW. This property, along with the home they had on it, burned in the November 2019 fires and this will be their maiden voyage home. If they can’t get over borders, the journey will take place in outback NT.
Casual Students
If students don’t wish to do the full 6 month package, they can opt to be casual students who study individual units without completing the full foundational course. Each unit runs for a month. Casual students can pick and choose units that appeal to them, and study them in any order. In 2021 each unit will run only once. Students can also opt to study one of two Levels for a discounted price.
(Please note: the “Wildflower Spirit Journey” Intermission isn’t available to casual students)

“Spirit Medicine Mastery”

The Healing Apprenticeship
This is only available to students who have completed Level 1 and 2 ie “Spirit Medicine with Om”.

Note from Om:

"This is an intensive level of training provided for a small group practitioners who want to develop their healing skills and heal others. I'd prefer taking on people who have already worked with me as a student or client and are familiar with the way I work. Preference will also be given to those who are already have some experience with healing/shamanism and/or meditation. This is a 'by application only' program. I'll be doing interviews for positions in early January 2012."

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