"Trust Yourself" Chakra Kit

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The "Trust Yourself" Chakra Kit helps us have more more faith in ourselves, and less self-doubt, building a bridge of light between us and our Higher Self, the wise elder within.

This Pack Includes:

  • "Trust Yourself" Herbal Chakra Tonic (30ml)
  • Crown Chakra Chakra Aura Spray (50ml)
  • Guided Chakra Meditation (meeting your Higher Self)
  • Mindfulness Contemplation Questions

Chamomile, Chastetree, Bacopa, Skullcap, Mullien, Lavender

Having faith in yourself, listening to your intuition, self-forgiveness, enhancing discernment, connecting with Higher Self.
AURA SPRAY Flower essences of Convulvulus & Ancestral Flower. Gem elixirs of Petalite & Kunzite. Colour essences of Surrender Purple & Synchronicity Pink
Assists meditation & connection with higher self, angels and spirit guides. Strengthens & restores faith. Facilitates surrender ie "let go and let God"
"Chamomile to centre you; Chastetree to activate your intuition; Lavender to align your heart, crown and third eye; Bacopa to raise your frequency; Skullcap to enhance discernment and Mullien to anchor you to your Truth"

As a herbalist, Om has a gift for tuning into the spirit medicine of plants and ‘seeing’ the way they heal on a subtle-body level. To access this spirit medicine, Om takes a ‘drop dose’ approach to herbal medicine, with much smaller doses than those used in standard clinical practice. Omanisa is an Australian Spiritual Naturopath & Rainbow Shaman with over 15 years clinical experience as a naturopath and more than 30 years “Rainbow Shaman” experience, having been initiated onto the path at the age of 16.

“It’s natural to find some herbal substance in your essences, a bit like the dregs of tealeaves in tea. Make sure you shake your tonic before taking it," says Om. "Take at least daily one dose, one dropperful. You are welcome to use more, but to avoid overdosing, do not consume your entire bottle in one day: make it last, stretching it out over at least one week. You can add your daily dose to your water, soda water, coffee/tea and/or alcoholic drinks."

The Chakra Tonics are just one of the ingredients in Om's CHAKRA KITS, which include a Guided Chakra Meditation, an Aura Spray and some contemplation questions. There are 20 different kits to choose from. This is one of two "purple kits" available in the range (the other one is called "Connect with Spirit". The rest of the kits will be added slowly over time.

Om recommends doing the guided meditation at least once a week, after you have dosed yourself with the tonic and spray, but if you can do it daily, the results will be far more impressive!

"Like the Herbal Chakra Tonic, use your Aura Spray at least once daily," says Om. "More is fine though! You can’t overdose on the Aura Sprays, which are made from my handcrafted range of gem, flower and colour essences. Spray it through your aura (eg around your head/body) and into the relevant chakra (eg for the Pink Heart Chakra bottle, you would spray onto your upper chest). You can also spray them directly into your mouth.

Om Blessings!"


Q : Can the Kits be used for children?

A: The Chakra Kits were designed for adults, but parts of them can be used by children with adult guidance. The Aura Spray is fine for any age. The dosage guidelines as stated above for the Chakra Tonics are relevant to anyone aged 12 years and above. Please contact Om for guidance on safe use with younger children. The guided meditations can be used for children so long as the adults listens first and feels the meditation is appropriate for that child. Even better, listen yourself and then turn the meditation into a bedtime story!

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