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Content for Week One – Spirit Medicine

Content for Week Two – Self-Care

Content for Week Three – Shadows & Light

Content for Week Four – Repressive Coping

Content for Week Five – OMANTRA

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Lesson One – What is Spirit Medicine?

Lesson Two – What is Self-Care?

Lesson Three – Shadows into Light – philosophy & metaphor

Lesson Four – Meditation, Mindfulness & Repressive Coping

Lesson Five – OMANTRA Method

Lesson Six – Energy flows where attention goes

MindLight Online Course

Hello students! I’ll add individual lesson and module links here eventually, but for now, just use this LINK to access the online course.

Library of Guided Meditations

I’ll eventually add this page to the course above, but for now, this is best accessed via the self-care group. Go to this LINK.