Gaian Meditations is a Facebook subscription service that gives you access to a magical, nature-based online spiritual community with an ever-expanding library of guided meditation audio recordings, readings and videos.

Hosted and created by Australian spiritual naturopath and rainbow-medicine woman Omanisa Ross, Gaian Meditations celebrates the ancient art of taking meditative visionary journeys into nature. This grass-roots take on modern narrative therapy has been practiced by traditional healers throughout time and history. “Gaia” (also known as Mother Nature or the Earth Goddess) is Omanisa’s spirit guide.

Since joining Omanisa’s Gaian Meditation Community and receiving a Gaian Healing I have experienced some of the most profound energetic shifts, synchronicities and connections with spirit of my lifetime. Om is a beautiful, generous and inspiring teacher. I feel as though Om has allowed me to see just how much spirit is supporting me on my healing journey.

Who is this group for?

This group is has been designed for healers, meditators, spiritual teachers, sensitives, empaths, nature-lovers, creatives and light-workers who can relate to one or more of the following:

*You would love to nurture and develop your imagination and intuition, or you have an interest in healing, narrative therapy, spirit guides, guided imagery, creative visualisation, mythology and/or shamanism. Having worked in these fields for over 20 years, Omanisa draws on a wealth of experience to help you on your own healing and self-development journey. Visualisation enhances abstract thinking skills and inspiration, making it easier to free-associate and harness our emotional intelligence, creativity and intuition.

*You have a spiritual connection with nature: being in nature uplifts you, calms you, centres you. Did you know, that imagining and remembering beautiful places in nature can activate the very same stress-relieving biochemistry you would experience if you really were there? As Om so often says, our brain and body has difficultly discerning ‘real’ from ‘not real’: what we imagine and/or remember has a profound impact on our physical well-being. Guided imagery reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress by lowering activity in the emotional centres of our brain while raising activity in areas that allow us to voluntarily control our feelings and thoughts.

*You’d like to improve your ability to meditate and/or you want better mental discipline, mindfulness and awareness. Visualisation and guided imagery stimulate almost exactly the same brain areas activated when doing Buddhist, Christian and yoga meditation exercises. Meditation broadens the scope of our conscious experience, helping our frontal lobes become more focused and organised. Advanced meditators have greater cognitive ability to recognise subtle changes in themselves and their environment.

*You would love to have more magic and miracles in your life!


I Hour Weekly Live-streamed video broadcasts. The day and time for the broadcast varies each week, to suit the differing needs of members, and is announced in advance so members can join in if they are available. Upcoming times and dates are featured HERE. Anyone who misses it can watch the Live replay later. There is also a large archive of past videos to view! The broadcast content changes each week. In some, Omanisa does readings for members. In others, she leads members through an interactive, group meditation. The Gaian Live often includes training from Om on topics such as meditation, shamanism, psychic ability and healing.

An extensive archive of guided healing meditations in audio format, for you to access and listen to at any time. Omanisa usually records a new meditation each week. The meditations range in length, style and complexity, ensuring there are meditations suited to everyone, from beginners through to advanced meditation practitioners. Each meditation takes the listener on a guided journey into nature.

The chance to win a free 30 min private Gaian Reading & Healing once a month. A Gaian Reading explores your spiritual connection with nature. Who is guiding you and what are they helping you with? Each month, the winner is announced in the members group. The reading can be delivered via video chat or emailed to you as a written reading and audio recording.

20% off Gaian Services. This includes Gaian Consults such as the Gaian Aura Attunement, the Gaian Healing Journey, Soul Retrieval & Past Life Healing, Shamanic Song Healing, Tarot/oracle/rune Cards Readings; Gaian Packages such as the Spirit Guide Sketches; and Gaian Online Courses such as the Psychic Self-Care Course.

Omanisa is an amazing Gaian healer and shaman. I have been studying with her for many years and she has always been generous with sharing her knowledge and taking me deeper into my practice. The Gaian Meditation Community is amazing. We freely share our experiences in a safe and respectful place. The weekly Facebook Live allows us to ask questions in real time and the recorded meditations provide opportunities to practice in private, in our own time. My connection with Gaia has expanded tenfold since joining this subscription group, it has been worth every cent.

Gaian Meditation Subscription Group

6 month trial membership. No recurring subscription.


The yearly subscription is $240. Unlike the 6 month option above, this automatically renews unless you cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

If you’re a new subscriber, please request to join and we’ll add you as soon as we can!

We asked some of our members how they would describe the Gaian Meditations subscription service to those who were thinking about joining, and this is what they had to say:

Thinking of joining the Gaian subscription community?

Imagine you are walking through the forest, you can feel the dense forest leaves under your feet and all around you, the trees are twinkling in the sun from the morning rain. You look up and the last of the clouds are being whisked away on the breeze. You can feel the clarity that the expansive blue skies bring. The forest feels refreshed and all the beautiful smells fill your nostrils. Then up ahead, you see a deer. And she sees you.

You are both caught in a moment and your eyes are locked. She moves toward you and you can feel her graceful presence, she is radiating love. She comes and puts her head in your hand. It is a beautiful moment. Then she turns and walks down the path as if to say, ‘follow me’.Afterwards, you have no idea what any of this means but you can’t stop thinking about it, so you google what Deer spirit animal means and discover that it is the message you needed to hear.

You have been feeling stuck, not knowing which way to turn. A situation has arisen and you are having negative feelings about it and don’t know how to resolve it. Deer is here to remind you of the power of love and compassion. It is time to let deer energy help you let go and embrace kindness.

That is what it is like to be a part of the magical Gaian community. Omanisa has such a special gift and is able to relay the perfect message for you right when you need it within this group. Omanisa also teaches you how you can do this too. Because we all have this special gift, we all have the ability to listen to our hearts and receive the messages we need to receive.

We are all magical, you only need to let go and let your imagination go into the wild ♥️ So if you’re ready to dive into the magical and the mystical and connect back with yourself, please become a member!