Ambition Orange/Red

From my book, Aura Colour Therapy:

This vibrant, hot aura colour can vary in shade from red-orange to orange-red. Small quantities of red-tinged Ambition Orange can give us the drive and single minded determination to accomplish incredible feats, overcome great odds and transform tragedy into triumph. We all need a warm fire in the belly when going after goals, but Ambition Orange can get a little too hot, making us feverish with the desire to possess something or someone.

Obsession can make us pushy, giving us tunnel vision and warping our values. We may know what we want, but we can’t always have it. Sometimes we need to compose ourselves gracefully and accept the need to let go and move in a different direction. Have a good think about what you would really be prepared to give up in order to acquire your desires. Not all prices are worth paying. Are you setting your sights too intently on one goal without keeping balance and sanity in your life?

Like a burning hot coal, Ambition Orange can burn emptiness into the aura, giving us an insatiable hunger. These auric black holes are childhood wounds that constantly consume energy without ever becoming satisfied. I sometimes call them ‘black hole drivers’ because they shape our behaviour, subconsciously driving us to seek outside ourselves for whatever it was we didn’t get in childhood. And like black holes, no matter how much we fill them, they stay hungry.

For example, you might constantly strive for success because you never received praise from one or both parents during childhood. This initial lack inspires you to attain great heights you might not otherwise have aimed for and this is wonderful, so long as you are not selling your soul in the process. A really deep wound will drive you to constantly achieve more and more, but you will never truly feel successful and you may even sabotage yourself because you don’t really believe in yourself.

Ambition Orange can also represent addictive biochemical and neurological states stimulated by external substances, people and situations. People, praise, sex, jobs, drugs, food, games, money, success and status are all examples of externally sourced keys we use to unlock or access our favourite internal states. We need to learn how to access these feel-good internal states of mind naturally, without becoming dependent upon ever greater quantities of external stimuli.

What it is you are being hungry, intense, possessive or obsessive about? What need are you trying to get met? Can you find a healthier way to meet this need? The deeper essence of whatever it is you are chasing out there in the world, is something you already have within you and around you, so ‘cool it’. Relax and take time to smell the roses. Life is right here, right now, just waiting for you to realise it has been with you all along, waiting for your engagement and offering you simple treasures with genuine depth of value.

Using creative visualisation, imagine finding a safe way to lift some of those hot coals out of your inner fire and cool them off in the water. Let them melt away. Keep doing this until your inner fire calms down! Cooling colours like Patience Green, Generosity Green, Authenticity Green, Healing Green, Watchful Blue, Freedom Blue and Mother Blue can be very soothing for excess fire. You can heal empty black holes with colours like Abundance Green, Soul Retrieval Blue, Clarity Yellow, Happiness Yellow, Gold and Silver. Ambition Orange itself is generally too strong to use therapeutically. If you want to be decisive and active, use Strength Red. If you want to recover your passion, use Creative Red. If you want to set and achieve goals, work with Manifestation Orange.


Authenticity Green

The text is from my book, Aura Colour Therapy. The image is a picture of one of my Aura Cards. Both books and card deck are available for purchase

Screenshot 2015-10-02 16.08.29Authenticity Green is a slightly darker version of Healing Green. This is one of those rare colours that visually sings or ‘rings clear’ like a bell, almost to the point of being a colour I perceive as a sound, rather than an image or feeling. Think of clear tones with rounded fullness and absolute clarity and you will get a sense for the sound of this colour. On other levels, this colour makes me think of an oasis in the desert.

Being your natural self is what makes your inner beauty shine through. The very first time I ever encountered this colour was on an inner journey. I was watching an inner self riding a bike when she fell into a mud puddle. As I reached over to help her up, tangled with bike, covered with mud, she was laughing. It was such a lovely sound and I was quite taken with her natural beauty. It didn’t seem to matter that she was covered in mud. Her beauty shone through like a light and glowed from her, making the mud itself seem beautiful.

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The Resourceful Aura

Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.39.54Resourceful is an aura frequency that appears in a range of shades that could be described as golden-yellow, ochre-yellow, golden-brown, yellow-brown. Everyone ‘wears’ this aura colour frequency a little differently. For example, in very grounded people it will seem more brown, in thinkers it will seem more yellow, and with those who are very heart-based, it takes on a warm glow.

If you have been noticing this colour around you lately, or you feel very drawn to it, it might be reflecting a colour frequency in your aura. Some colours are temporary: they reflect current experiences, feelings and thoughts. Others colours are more permanent: they reflect deeper personality traits, habitual emotions, core values and/or ingrained attitudes/beliefs.

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Creative Red

This is from Om’s book “Aura Colour Therapy”

Creative Red is a rich, luscious pink-tinged red, full of vibrancy and sparkle. It has a sweet, slightly tart taste, kind of like the feeling of something delicious melting and exploding in your mouth all at once. Red raspberries with icecream is my latest favourite taste-based version of this colour!

This is always an exciting colour to see in the aura, because it represents dynamic change, with a resurgence in energy levels and renewed passion for life. Positive changes that we hoped for or would welcome, are occurring or about to occur.

Putting the spring back in our step, the magic back in our touch and the sparkle back in our eyes, Creative Red makes us feel so wonderfully alive! With the magical power of our creative energy rising up from within us to flow out through our hands, voice and actions, we bounce out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and we sleep deeply each night, contentedly exhausted from a delightfully satisfying day of work and play.

The resilience and bounce in this colour helps us take difficulties in our stride, switching gears smoothly without missing a beat. By enhancing our creative problem-solving skills, Creative Red empowers us. No longer content to hang back tentatively or give up and play the victim, we grapple playfully with life’s challenges, feeling liberated and free because we know we have choices and the creative power to shape our own experience of reality.

This colour is a godsend for anyone suffering from creative block or burnout. Often appearing in the aura after resolving a stuck, exhausted or burned-out state featuring depression and a loss of motivation or direction, Creative Red heralds a reawakening of one’s inner fire after it has been dead or smouldering for a while. A sure sign of recovery from grey colours such as Depression Grey, Creative Red often follows on from Courage Orange, with little orange sparks amongst grey ashes suddenly burning red and flaming upwards to invigorate the aura.

In order to re-ignite the fire hidden under the ashes, we need rest, recovery, recuperation and recreation. If we do not rest, we burn out. If we burn out, we can no longer produce with the same enthusiasm, quality and authenticity; nor with the same joy. Taking a rest from activities that have drained us is imperative if we are to refill the empty creative well within. By stopping regularly to recharge our batteries, we provide ourselves with nourishing input so we can sustain dynamic output.

Regular holidays, changes of scene and time out are essential to ensure this colour does not get bored and begin to wane. Think of this colour as being like a fire that needs oxygen to survive and thrive. Spend some time considering what your personal oxygen might be. What do you need in order to feel stimulated, inspired, ignited and delighted by life? What helps you to feel full? Be careful not to over stimulate yourself, especially with artificial substances such as caffeine and other drugs, as this can simply cause further burnout.

Some jobs and people can rob you of this essential energy. These energy drainers need to be minimised or avoided where possible. Be assertive and say no to energy thieves, your inner critic and your inner people-pleaser. Encourage and make time for your own creative endeavours without feeling guilty and remember to honour the natural cycles of life. Sometimes your fire will bank down because it needs to rest. Even grey moments have their blessings and we most certainly would not appreciate the beauty of Creative Red moments if there were nothing grey with which to compare them.

To facilitate positive dynamic change, combine Creative Red with any of the following colours: White, Silver, Courage Orange, Healing Green, Vision Yellow. To enhance your ‘reality creating’ skills, meditate on Creative Red and Manifestation Orange.

Creative Red is highly therapeutic for anyone struggling with Depression Grey. If your inner fire has gone out, leaving only the grey ashes of a dead fire, visualise bringing it back to life. Imagine refuelling the fire while you focus on breathing Creative Red into your body with every inhalation, and release Depression Grey out of your body with every exhalation.   Now stir the ashes in search of hidden Courage Orange sparks and imagine blowing on these sparks until the fire re-ignites.

Resentment Green : Aura Colour



Like its companion colours Manipulation Green and Blame Brown, Resentment Green is a toxic colour muddied with Brown. Resentment Green sharp feel to it, like an unrelenting harshness. Some psychics experience this ‘sharpness’ as a bitter taste in the mouth or a sudden sharp smell that makes you recoil, like a strong vinegar or acid. In the aura or body, it feels like a sinking, hollow and hard sensation in the chest, along with a nauseating churning and ruminating just beneath this. It often makes the breathing feel tight and hot and a burning heat or pain may be felt in the digestive system, usually somewhere between the upper abdomen and throat.

Light Characteristics:

In order to manage Resentment Green in a positive way, we must first become mindful of our own mental and emotional state. This requires the mental discipline to stand back from ourselves long enough to observe the way our thoughts are shaping our emotions. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves about our resentful thoughts and feelings and take responsibility for them. It is often far more tempting to pretend we only have nice feelings or that the negative feelings we do have are somebody else’s fault.

You may need to speak up and be honest in order to improve a situation which feels unfair. Stay focused on the positive outcome you desire and do not allow your feelings to inflame the situation. Imagine being the other person. What approach would this person be most receptive to? If all else fails, find a mediator such as a counsellor, remove yourself from the situation, or find a way to accept and be at peace with the way things are. Sometimes this means finding a different way of looking at the same situation.

Shadow Characteristics:

Resentment is an angry, hurt feeling held inside, usually about something that seems unfair or unjust. Whilst the occasional, brief bout of bitterness is harmless and quite natural, the biochemistry of habitual, excessive resentment can be particularly corrosive, hence the traditional perception that ‘resentment eats away at you from the inside’. Unexpressed anger tends to grow rather than subside, festering away and bubbling up as passive anger or erupting in mini explosions.

People with a vested interest in being or appearing ‘nice’ often hide their anger. On the surface, they appear quite friendly, but their tone and body language often betray the truth hidden behind pleasant words and smiles. Or they may tell everyone about their anger except the person they are actually angry with, relying on ‘Chinese whispers’ to do the work for them. These mixed messages can be very confusing to others and tend to make relationships worse rather than better.

Some people feel resentful after they have said yes when they would rather say no, usually because they want to avoid feeling guilty. Unfortunately, they usually end up feeling guilty about feeling resentful and resentful about being made to feel guilty and so on. Being honest and speaking up in the first place can help us avoid this vicious cycle. If you say yes when you want to say no, your resentment will eventually find a way to express itself. You might take it out on someone else or subconsciously sabotage the help you have offered by getting sick, being late or breaking something.

The Fantasy Colour

This is a straw-coloured, pale brown-yellow, or yellow brown. Yellow is a solar plexus colour, tied in with the nervous system and the mind. Brown is a base chakra colour associated with grounding. Too much yellow and light in the base chakra can dampen our grounding and pull us into our minds. On the flip side, a bit of brown in the solar plexus, colouring our yellow frequency, can bring a practical element to our thinking e.g. how can I use my mind in a practical way to make my life better?


If you have a deck of my Aura Cards and you have some challenges reading this colour, here are some tips:

1) Are there other cards in the spread, or hints in the conversation with the client (or in your own life if this reading is your own), that make you suspect you might be lacking in grounding? This colour can make us a bit dreamy and heady. Symptoms of a lack of grounding in this instance can include:
*Being distracted and not really hearing what others are saying to you.
*Having trouble with your memory because you aren’t really paying attention in the moment.
*Always being somewhere else in your head (past or future or another part of the world for example) instead of being here now.
*Walking into things, having little accidents, forgetting things.
*Feeling dizzy, light-headed or foggy in the head.

2) Explore with yourself (or the client) how you are using your imagination. Is it in a helpful way, or an unhelpful way. Sometimes this card can mean that the worries or issues being experienced are, quite literally, all in your head. They aren’t real. For example, you might be imagining that someone hates you when that isn’t the case at all! We often project our emotional wounds onto others.

3) My favourite way to use this card in a reading, by far, is to think of it as a message from spirit reminding me (or the client) to use our imagination in a therapeutic way. I use the other surrounding cards as hints, to give me ideas about what I could imagine. The mind is so, so incredibly powerful and half the time we walk around with this powerhouse inside us running it’s own show, without us ever attempting to take command of the controls. Deliberate therapeutic imagination is something every wise person uses, say for example when they are learning a new skill: they imagine themselves doing that task easy, effortlessly, joyfully!

Loyalty Pink

This blog is for anyone with a deck of my Aura Cards. Please contact me to enquire about purchasing.

This colour is a reddish pink or a pinkish red. The Aura Card itself on my screen is a good example of the pinker version of this frequency, while the softer freedom and loyaltyreddish colour featured in the bottom left of this healing sketch is a good example of the red version of this colour. Individual auras express the colour differently (as do different computer screens!)


Colour Perception:

Loyalty Pink has a stable, slow frequency more reminiscent of Brown colours. As a body state, it makes you feel as though loving and ever-patient care and concern for the well being of others has slowly seeped out from your heart chakra and nestled itself happily into the physical tissues of your entire body. This colour makes you feel as though your heart is beating very steady and slow, like a plough horse plodding ever on, regardless of the surrounding conditions. Come rain, snow, storm, flood or draught, the faithful heart of Loyalty Pink stays the course.

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Reading the Aura Cards

The missing Aura Card stock rediscovered!
The missing Aura Card stock rediscovered!

I had a sudden idea yesterday, to create a Facebook group for Reading the Aura Cards. Reading the cards is quite an art and it can help if you have a group of people on hand to help you with explore possible interpretations. If you have a deck, or someone (like me) has done a reading for you and you are curious about some of the colours, you might like to join the group.

There are quite a few Aura Card and Book sets scattered throughout Australia and up until the other day, I had thought we’d seen the last of the first edition with its lovingly hand-made deck of cards. I really didn’t have then energy to create more: what a labour of love! Then a family member unearthed an entire bag of Aura Card decks!

So now I have some stock to tide me over while I muddle my way through the process of creating the first commercial deck. Being me, it’s imperative that I procrastinate and change my mind a million times before I get started, otherwise there will be a miserable trail of half-completed and discarded projects scattered in my wake. 2015-01-08 21.10.41

I’ve been conferring with a few people who use the cards as much as I do, both professionally and personally, and have received a very firm cry of “No!” to my initial idea of reducing the number of cards in each deck. So at this stage it looks like we will stick with the original 88 cards. But we all agree I need to change the name of “Aesthetic” back to the very first name I gave it when I was starting to read the aura: “Space”. The glorious minty-green aura frequency has always been a tricky one to name!

My current idea is to do some small edits to the original book and then get started on a new one. I’ve had an “Aura Colour Magic” book rolling around in my mind for a while now. It would have more emphasis on creative visualisation and colour-based tools such as crystals. But that’s just one of many ideas…..

Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour


Colour/s: Soft wispy pale blue
Image/s: An aura with no boundaries

Weepy. Emotionally volatile/erratic/raw.
Over-sensitive emotionally. Empathic.
Artistic. Psychic. Heightened senses.
Chameleon-like. Self-conscious.

I am completely open to the world around me. Your feeling/opinion is my feeling/opinion.

Hormone imbalances. Lack of sleep. Losing yourself in others. Stress. After-effects of trauma. Nutrient deficiencies. Worrying too much about what others think. A lack of personal space and boundaries. Unable to detach and stand back. Heightened psychic, artistic or emotional sensitivity.