Possibilities and synchronicity….

Another thoroughly enjoyable work week is wrapping up. In a way, it all started on Monday, the public holiday, with a scrumptious Skype catch up with my Aunty Kay. Kay and I are both passionate about learning, growing and creating tools that help others, and we spent some of our conversation finding ways to help each other take another step deeper into our passion. Kay has … Continue reading Possibilities and synchronicity….

Reading aura colours under the arms

This is an intriguing part of the aura that I don’t often talk about with clients, because, like the area between the legs, it can be complex.

When I first began sketching, I discovered that aura colours found under the arms can provide information about ‘what has been brought in from the past’, like suitcases of unresolved baggage. Whether I read ‘past’ as childhood or past life usually depends on the style of reading being given and what is appropriate for the client.

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Spirit Guides

I love working with spirit guides and in general, I prefer working with them over deceased loved ones because they are specifically focused on the client’s spiritual growth, which really suits me as a spiritual counselor. Spirit guides are like invisible friends that guide your spiritual and personal development as an incarnated being. I like to imagine that they are looking after my birth-plan for me, helping guide me in the right general direction.

Guides assist us in all areas of our lives in order to help us become more well-rounded, balanced individuals. You might have one guide helping you with your relationships and another helping you with your career. You might have one guide teaching you better communication skills and another that is teaching you how to develop financial intelligence and the discipline to save money. Some people say we have a set amount of guides, like one, three or seven. I personally haven’t found this to be true.

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Black and Grey Colours in the Aura


This is a excerpt from my book Aura Colour Therapy:


Personally, I quite like black. It can be very magical, mystical and peaceful. Unfortunately, my clients do not feel the same way about it. Using black during an aura sketch makes people panic. They start to think things like “Oh my God, I’m going to die!” or “I knew it! My aura is black because I’m such a terrible person”. Scaring people isn’t helpful so I’ve had to be sneaky about including black in my colour system without making it obvious.

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My Rainbow Journey

Many years ago I made a rare visit to a psychic for a wonderful reading that still seems relevant to my life in so many ways. I remember her saying “You are studying a degree in order to attain qualifications after your name so you will be taken seriously, but your real training is being provided by your spirit guides”. At the time of the reading I was studying naturopathy and I had no idea I would be working alongside this lady six months later doing my own readings for people.

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My love for Aura Sketching


Aura SketchOver the years, I have sketched at many local expos including about four years with the psychic expo and have worked internationally over the internet. I even did a short stint as a phone psychic but when I discovered that 95 percent of the clients were obsessed with predictions about their love lives, usually along the lines of ‘will he come back to me?’ I made a quick exit. It was like watching a very predictable romance movie over and over again! Continue reading “My love for Aura Sketching”

Reading aura colours around the hands

When I sketch the aura, I use a full-body sketching format, rather than just the head and shoulders. This is a bit like pulling a seven card tarot layout, where each position in the layout has a different meaning, rather than choosing just one card and having no layout pattern at all. By using different body areas to represent different parts of a person’s life, I can cross-reference colours with positions for greater accuracy, just as the tarot reader cross-references tarot cards with positions in the tarot spread.

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