Base Chakra Healing

I just created a quick audio healing meditation for a client with a grumpy base chakra, and thought I might share it here too for others to enjoy. I forgot to set up the mike, so the recording quality isn’t as good as usual, but it will do! This meditation is helpful for anyone whose base chakra or ‘red energy’ is grumpy, sulking and feeling thwarted … Continue reading Base Chakra Healing

The Resourceful Aura

Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.39.54Resourceful is an aura frequency that appears in a range of shades that could be described as golden-yellow, ochre-yellow, golden-brown, yellow-brown. Everyone ‘wears’ this aura colour frequency a little differently. For example, in very grounded people it will seem more brown, in thinkers it will seem more yellow, and with those who are very heart-based, it takes on a warm glow.

If you have been noticing this colour around you lately, or you feel very drawn to it, it might be reflecting a colour frequency in your aura. Some colours are temporary: they reflect current experiences, feelings and thoughts. Others colours are more permanent: they reflect deeper personality traits, habitual emotions, core values and/or ingrained attitudes/beliefs.

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Loyalty Pink

This blog is for anyone with a deck of my Aura Cards. Please contact me to enquire about purchasing.

This colour is a reddish pink or a pinkish red. The Aura Card itself on my screen is a good example of the pinker version of this frequency, while the softer freedom and loyaltyreddish colour featured in the bottom left of this healing sketch is a good example of the red version of this colour. Individual auras express the colour differently (as do different computer screens!)


Colour Perception:

Loyalty Pink has a stable, slow frequency more reminiscent of Brown colours. As a body state, it makes you feel as though loving and ever-patient care and concern for the well being of others has slowly seeped out from your heart chakra and nestled itself happily into the physical tissues of your entire body. This colour makes you feel as though your heart is beating very steady and slow, like a plough horse plodding ever on, regardless of the surrounding conditions. Come rain, snow, storm, flood or draught, the faithful heart of Loyalty Pink stays the course.

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Brown in the Aura

Brown is the structural foundation of the aura, and earthy grounding energy flows down through the legs and feet, anchoring us into our body and the earth. This provides us with a sense of ‘home’, security, support and stability. Brown teaches us the wisdom of caution and planning ahead. Under the influence of this colour we learn to pace ourselves, and to know ourselves via our connection with … Continue reading Brown in the Aura

Berry Bliss Cake

I made this cake to align my heart chakra, third eye and base chakras. I am calling forth deep passion stirring in my heart, awaiting rebirth, like a flower bulb hidden under layers of snow in the winter, waiting for spring to come. I feel this passion grow legs, beautiful anchoring lines that guide my path forwards. I see with the eyes of my heart, a single thread of passion … Continue reading Berry Bliss Cake

Love Potion Cake

photo-23I’ve just made my first love potion cake. This is a trial run for a cake I’m going to create for a friend. During this ‘draft’ of the cake, I was mostly wanting to experiment with appearance, texture and flavour. I really like the circular tower effect I have here because it will lend itself beautifully to the range of ‘chakra cakes’ I want to make.

This particular cake grounds the heart chakra whilst also raising its frequency. The earthy brown colours at the base function as a grounding mechanism, while the white upper layer lifts the heart into heaven! This cake not only blesses us with the heaven (haven) of a blissful and stable relationship and the heavenly high frequencies of a delicious raw vegan cake, it helps us invite spirit into our heart chakras, so that we may be guided to find our highest love frequency.

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Earth and Sky, Above and Below


For a basic understanding of the energy field, it’s important to understand the relationship between the crown and base chakras. As healers and spiritual counselors, we need to be able to consciously open both chakras in order to access spiritual guidance and healing for the client and still stay grounded. In this context, we can think of the base chakra as providing us with a link to everyday, normal consciousness, or even a more left-brained, practical-minded state of mind.

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