Soul Loss, Retrieval, Soul Return : Aura Card Demo

“Soul Retrieval” is the reclaiming of stolen/forgotten/repressed energies or parts of ourselves that were lost during, or as a result of, past trauma (Soul Loss). Soul Retrieval is like marching into your past, standing up to your demons and saying “I’ll have that part of myself back, thank you very much!”

“Soul Return” is the process of giving back crappy stuff that has been projected onto you, or that you have taken onto yourself, during past trauma. In other words, it’s about giving back stuff that isn’t yours, and never was. There is absolutely no point carrying and attempting to own or process ‘stuff’ that isn’t yours; it’s always best to give it back and let the original owner take care of it. Continue reading “Soul Loss, Retrieval, Soul Return : Aura Card Demo”

Zealous Blue

Zealous Blue is like an azure blue sky, or a vibrant blue lake, with a touch of turquoise added to it. I woke up thinking about this colour this morning and its ‘old’ meanings. Before Zealous Blue became the colour it is today, it had meanings that I haven’t discussed in any of my Zealous Blue colour writing so far. When my colours evolve, I don’t discard old meanings, but they do tend to get a little rusty from under-use while I’m exploring and mastering a new angle. It’s really good for me to review past meanings from time to time so that I don’t forget them.

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