Expression Blue (Aura Colour)

An excerpt from Aura Colour Therapy, written by Omanisa   Expression Blue has depth and sparkle, like an azure blue sky reflected on the surface of a lake, with little glints of white sparkles and streaks, where sunlight strikes the water. On a feeling level, it feels energetic and lively, like a passionate flow of conversation, with animated hand and body movements being used to … Continue reading Expression Blue (Aura Colour)

Shaman Blue (Aura Colour Therapy)

This blog is an excerpt from my book ‘Aura Colour Therapy’.   Shaman Blue Shaman Blue is a deep green-blue, like the ocean under a night sky, the blue in the eye of a peacock’s feather, or the piercing gaze of a person with spiritual power, as they look right through you and deep into your soul. Seasoned Red is the yang or male equivalent … Continue reading Shaman Blue (Aura Colour Therapy)

Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

SENSITIVITY Colour/s: Soft wispy pale blue Image/s: An aura with no boundaries PERSONALITY & EMOTIONS Weepy. Emotionally volatile/erratic/raw. Over-sensitive emotionally. Empathic. Artistic. Psychic. Heightened senses. Chameleon-like. Self-conscious. ATTITUDES & BELIEFS I am completely open to the world around me. Your feeling/opinion is my feeling/opinion. SITUATIONS Hormone imbalances. Lack of sleep. Losing yourself in others. Stress. After-effects of trauma. Nutrient deficiencies. Worrying too much about what … Continue reading Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour