Lavender Fudge Cheesecake

Limitations. They can be fantastic when they are real and accepting them puts you in a better place. Accepting the reality of an injury and the time needed to heal, has been a nourishing limitation for me. And I’m generally better off when I accept my body’s regenerative need for sleep, in the spite of the fact that I’m feeling inspired and would like to stay up … Continue reading Lavender Fudge Cheesecake

Berry Bliss Cake

I made this cake to align my heart chakra, third eye and base chakras. I am calling forth deep passion stirring in my heart, awaiting rebirth, like a flower bulb hidden under layers of snow in the winter, waiting for spring to come. I feel this passion grow legs, beautiful anchoring lines that guide my path forwards. I see with the eyes of my heart, a single thread of passion … Continue reading Berry Bliss Cake

The Forgiveness Cake

Fiona 11-11-14 138Yesterday a friend and her daughter came over for lunch, and they brought with them a few slices of this beautiful cake. It not only looked amazing, it tasted incredible too. I really loved the magic in this cake and could feel its effects on me even before it arrived, while it was being dreamt up and concocted over the weekend. I also felt a beautiful connection with the sacred geometry work incorporated into the cake, taught to my friend by a lovely lady named Starina.

I asked Fiona if she would mind if we created a blog to share with others, featuring the cake, her recipe and a link to Starina’s star symbols, and she said yes! So here is a story from Fiona, with photos scattered throughout, and a link to Starina’s work at the bottom. Fiona’s journey has very much mirrored my own this year, and it has been such a gift to receive this cake and the symbol embedded within, at the perfect moment, from two such beautiful women. This has transformed my heart.  Continue reading “The Forgiveness Cake”

Mocha chocha zebra cake

When I’m not inventing cakes, I’m making variations on Emily von Euw’s cakes. I consider her my cake teacher! This is a cake I made using one of her recipes. It’s a favourite of ours; probably the most more-ish recipe I’ve found so far (so I don’t make it too often because we might eat too much and then it wouldn’t be incredible any more.) … Continue reading Mocha chocha zebra cake

Passion Cake

I’ve just made a new cake!


This one is gorgeous. It’s a passion cake, stirring fire in the belly and raising it to the heart chakra. This cakes ignite passion in the following ways:

Aphrodisiacal, sexual passion

I made sure this cake connects the base and heart chakra together, so I doubt it would stir sexual fire without there already being an existing love between two parties. The base chakra is lots of fun but personally, I think it’s fire is more balanced when it’s connected with the heart chakra. It can be a little heart-breaking, as a practitioner, listening to the following stories from clients about disconnection between the heart and base chakra:

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Self-reliance Cake!

I totally love this cake! (I’m eating it now). I’ve had it twice now and both times it has made me feel as though my aura was becoming stronger, more grounded and more separate from the world around me, in a good way (better boundaries and personal space). It makes me feel more self-reliant, so I’ve called it the self-reliance cake.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made it with a student’s daughter in mind. She has a cashew allergy. This cake only has macadamia nuts in it, along with some other pretty cool ingredients like slippery elm powder, acai berry powder, Rhodiola tincture, bananas, marigold petals, turmeric, dried pear, frozen and dried banana, dates, and blueberries.

I don’t use slippery elm powder very often, even though I love it lots, because it’s one of those endangered herbs…. at least, it was last time I checked. I might have to get updated! This herb comes from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree and from memory, and in some instances the entire tree gets destroyed to harvest the powder.

Slippery Elm is a mucilaginous herb. Herb high in mucilage content are demulcents. The word ‘demulcent’ describes a herbal action…

Demulcent herbs are soothing. They heal the inside of our digestive linings by covering them in a gooey texture (think of mushed up bananas and yes, bananas are mucilaginous herbs too!).

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