Decision-making Chakra Cake

If you’ve been reading my most recent blogs, you will know I’ve been making food-as-medicine┬áchakra-cakes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the weekend I made a decision-making cake, using the colours we find in the aura of excellent decision-makers: yellow and orange.

Yellow gives us clarity, vision and inspiration. Orange helps with goal setting, motivation and enthusiasm. Another way of thinking about this is that yellow provides and stimulates a really good idea, like a light-bulb flashing on….. while orange provides the inner-child vitality energy needed to pursue the idea into reality, with all the inner child’s marvellous ability to playfully side-step obstacles and turn lemons into lemonade. Orange makes us adaptable and resilient, flexible and creative.

So this is a belly chakra, solar plexus cake!

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