Conflict Green Aura Colour

Screenshot 2015-11-08 09.13.18You might be looking at this flat 2D image on the page and thinking “it’s beautiful!” (I agree!), but keep in mind, aura colours are three-dimensional, moving, and experienced by the auric practitioner in a multi-sensory manner. A specific aura colour can be beautiful in one aura or situation, but quite ugly or toxic in another. You simply can’t capture the range of expression or the sensory detail in a flat 2D image! Neither can I find one name to describe each colour that adequately sums up it’s entire character, both positive and negative.

In its most positive form, this emerald green colour is like a dense forest of greenery. When it becomes unhealthy, it can take on a green-black slimy sheen, looking more like a nest of writhing snakes, or oil on water at the bottom of a dark well. The darker forms of this colour can have an acrid or unpleasant charcoal taste, like something burned that is also foul.

When I find this colour in the aura during a healing, it often appears as tangled energy lines in the heart chakra, or in the aura space between the client’s heart chakra and that of someone they love (and sometimes hate!). My job as the healer is to untangle the lines and bring the client’s awareness to the unhealthy relationship dynamic they are caught up in, so that they can begin to overcome it. The untangled energy lines makes this work of self-change easier for the client to accomplish, by providing temporary clarity, but they will re-tangle themselves eventually if the client doesn’t work on changing their behaviours. It’s a bit like going to a masseur: the massage therapist can massage out the knots in your muscles, but the knots will keep coming back if you don’t address stress, posture and general self-care.

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Getting confused during guided meditations

From a student:

“I LOVE the sanctuary meditation!!!Love it!Love it! Love it! I can’t say how MUCH I have learned through listening to your guided meditation. I never ever thought about ‘travelling’ in the inner sanctuary. It is absolutely my thing. I always got bored sitting/being at one spot. I like to move. I also love your idea about merging with elements from the landscape or animals. I heard about it, but never did it before.

But having said all that, at the same time, I am also quite challenged with the visualization. I have done it now 3 times. The first time I followed you, starting in my own landscape. Second time, I was in a different landscape again, and than followed you again… this time was much more intense. Really really nice! But…then the 3. time: I was again in the same landscape like last time, but then, my own elements/guides showed up.

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