Love Potion Cake

photo-23I’ve just made my first love potion cake. This is a trial run for a cake I’m going to create for a friend. During this ‘draft’ of the cake, I was mostly wanting to experiment with appearance, texture and flavour. I really like the circular tower effect I have here because it will lend itself beautifully to the range of ‘chakra cakes’ I want to make.

This particular cake grounds the heart chakra whilst also raising its frequency. The earthy brown colours at the base function as a grounding mechanism, while the white upper layer lifts the heart into heaven! This cake not only blesses us with the heaven (haven) of a blissful and stable relationship and the heavenly high frequencies of a delicious raw vegan cake, it helps us invite spirit into our heart chakras, so that we may be guided to find our highest love frequency.

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Food spirit medicine

I had fun tonight teaching a friend how to ‘cook’ a raw vegan cake. I sucked him in by giving him a dessert I made a few days ago that tastes like a snickers bar but doesn’t have any dairy in it and all the ingredients are healthy. No refined sugar! And no heat damage to oil content. AND full of delectably nutritious nuts and fruit. I’ve been using dates as my sweetener for a while now and have just started experimenting with raisins.

Tonight we made a coffee flavoured cake, using little pie tins.

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