Aesthetic Green

Screenshot 2015-10-06 15.12.14This cool and refreshing pale mint-green can vary in shade, sometimes being a true-green, other times taking on more of a blue-green aqua or turquoise tint. Generally a fairly composed colour, Aesthetic Green often forms part of the auric boundary, functioning as a shield that can expand or thicken outward. It can also ‘lock in’ and become rigid when unhealthy.

Aesthetic Green helps the wearer assume a cool, reserved demeanour, thereby enabling psychological and emotional privacy. On the other hand, Aesthetic Green facilitates honesty and the clear psychic broadcast of personal boundaries so that other people are under no illusion as to where they stand when they come into contact with you. Some people wearing this colour are learning how to emanate or radiate specific attitudes or moods from their aura in order to influence others. Continue reading “Aesthetic Green”

Listen Blue (aura colour)

(Excerpt from Omanisa’s book: Aura Colour Therapy) This aura colour often reminds me of the blue clothing worn by ‘little boy blue’ in the nursery rhyme. Like cloth, it has a textured, finely woven feel to it. It can contain spiralling energy lines or seem grainy and slightly rough in texture. Visually, it appears to be matt, rather than shiny or sparkly, and it has … Continue reading Listen Blue (aura colour)

Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

SENSITIVITY Colour/s: Soft wispy pale blue Image/s: An aura with no boundaries PERSONALITY & EMOTIONS Weepy. Emotionally volatile/erratic/raw. Over-sensitive emotionally. Empathic. Artistic. Psychic. Heightened senses. Chameleon-like. Self-conscious. ATTITUDES & BELIEFS I am completely open to the world around me. Your feeling/opinion is my feeling/opinion. SITUATIONS Hormone imbalances. Lack of sleep. Losing yourself in others. Stress. After-effects of trauma. Nutrient deficiencies. Worrying too much about what … Continue reading Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

Loving being me

Humility Fuchsia Palm Valley 2012
Humility Fuchsia
Palm Valley 2012

My vegan lifestyle nurtures both my inner child (who loves animals), and my empathic self, who cannot knowingly harm another without feeling harmed herself.

Why does this matter? Because nurturing these parts of me not only ensures great balance and joy in my personal life, it develops my professional skill as a clairsentient healer with a passion for creative therapies and emotional intelligence.

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Using psychic abilities to maintain boundaries

One of the biggest challenges a healer can have in their work is maintaining boundaries. Most healers are natural empaths or clairsentients. This makes the boundary edges of the aura tend to be more wispy and fluid. An empath merges with their environment to understand it, as opposed to maintaining strong boundaries and staying separate from it. This skill is part of what makes an … Continue reading Using psychic abilities to maintain boundaries

Excessive empathy

In psychic terms, empathy is referred to as clairsentience, the ability to sense how another person is feeling. Empaths (also referred at as clairsentients) tends to have blurry boundary edges, or a looser sense of self in comparison to the average person. On the plus side, this gives them a stronger ability to feel a sense of oneness with all of life, leading to beautiful spiritual experiences based on a skill called ‘merging’. Being a natural empath myself, I can describe what merging feels like to me, but keep in mind we are all different and the experience is unique to all empaths.

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Scanning the aura with your hands and clairsentience

 Preparation   For this exercise, you will need a volunteer. Its wonderful if you can find a friend who is learning healing too, so you can practice together. If not, call on open-minded friends, family and animal friends.   To begin with, please don’t worry about which auric sheath you are scanning. Later, you can develop your own ideas about what sheath is where and what relevance … Continue reading Scanning the aura with your hands and clairsentience

Psychic Ability

When I’m reading the aura, I use four main psychic perception tools. My strongest, most natural ability is clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel energy or to translate energy-information into feelings. Some people call this empathy and it is, I’ve noticed, an ability fairly common to healers, helpers and counselors.

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Clairsentience – psychic empathy

Feeling – Clairsentience

Feeling energy is called clairsentience. I also call this empathy or emotional imagination. When I feel energy I can feel movement, temperature, texture and mood with my own body, sometimes as though I were the other person. This ability is useful for picking up on emotions, physical illness, personality traits and relationship issues. While clairsentience is one of the easiest abilities to use, it is the most difficult to manage in terms of maintaining personal boundaries. It is, however, an excellent ability to have if you want to counsel or heal.

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