New spirit guide, new clinic space

Anyone who has visited the clinic recently will have noticed the latest redesign with the clinic space. One of my children has moved out and I simply couldn’t resist giving him our lounge, which then meant I needed to steal the lounge setting from the clinic. Which, in a way, quite suited my on-going need for transformation. I had a new spirit guide show up … Continue reading New spirit guide, new clinic space

Redecorating and Rebirth

IMG_4004My students and clients are always exclaiming in surprise, from one visit to the next, because my space never stays the same for very long. For me, moving furniture and changing the way my space is set up is akin to meditation. I need my space to be a changing expression of who I am; a reflection of who I am becoming and what is unfolding within me from one moment to the next.

There is something incredibly soothing and meditative about this kind of ‘pottering’. I find it clears my mind, releases me from the past and invites in a breath of fresh air! My birth name does mean ‘wanderer’ after all, and change is as good as a holiday!  Continue reading “Redecorating and Rebirth”