Expression Blue (Aura Colour)

An excerpt from Aura Colour Therapy, written by Omanisa   Expression Blue has depth and sparkle, like an azure blue sky reflected on the surface of a lake, with little glints of white sparkles and streaks, where sunlight strikes the water. On a feeling level, it feels energetic and lively, like a passionate flow of conversation, with animated hand and body movements being used to … Continue reading Expression Blue (Aura Colour)

Ambition Orange/Red

From my book, Aura Colour Therapy: This vibrant, hot aura colour can vary in shade from red-orange to orange-red. Small quantities of red-tinged Ambition Orange can give us the drive and single minded determination to accomplish incredible feats, overcome great odds and transform tragedy into triumph. We all need a warm fire in the belly when going after goals, but Ambition Orange can get a … Continue reading Ambition Orange/Red

Colour therapy, creative imagery and science

I am an avid reader with a big, enthusiastic passion for PNI, neuroscience and neurotheology. And what I learn, I incorporate into my practise, as a healer who specialises in colour therapy, creative imagery and therapeutic story-telling.

Metaphor, in particular, is a very powerful form of subtle suggestion I use over and over again in my work, especially colour-based metaphors.

The average science-based thinker might scoff at this, wondering how on earth a metaphor in a story tailored for a specific client could make any kind of tangible difference, and yet…. Continue reading “Colour therapy, creative imagery and science”

An interview with Jennifer Wyatt

Jennifer Wyatt is an Aura Soma and flower essence therapist who lives and works in the rural area of Darwin, Australia. This is the second in a series of practitioner interviews conducted by Omanisa.  What do you do professionally? I work with flower essences, colour therapy and energy healing, At the moment I have a special energy healing package, which includes a card reading using either angel … Continue reading An interview with Jennifer Wyatt

Decision-making Chakra Cake

If you’ve been reading my most recent blogs, you will know I’ve been making food-as-medicine chakra-cakes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the weekend I made a decision-making cake, using the colours we find in the aura of excellent decision-makers: yellow and orange.

Yellow gives us clarity, vision and inspiration. Orange helps with goal setting, motivation and enthusiasm. Another way of thinking about this is that yellow provides and stimulates a really good idea, like a light-bulb flashing on….. while orange provides the inner-child vitality energy needed to pursue the idea into reality, with all the inner child’s marvellous ability to playfully side-step obstacles and turn lemons into lemonade. Orange makes us adaptable and resilient, flexible and creative.

So this is a belly chakra, solar plexus cake!

Continue reading “Decision-making Chakra Cake”