The Two Wolves

Once upon a time, or so the Cherokee legend goes, a young Indian boy received a beautiful drum as a gift. When his best friend saw it, he asked if he could play with it, but the boy felt torn. He didn’t want to share his new present, so he angrily told his friend, “No!”

His friend ran away, and the boy sat down on a rock by the stream to contemplate his dilemma. He hated the fact that he had hurt his friend’s feelings, but the drum was too precious to share. In his quandary, he went to his grandfather for advice.

The elder listened quietly and then replied. “I often feel as though there are two wolves fighting inside me. One is mean and greedy and full or arrogance and pride, but the other is peaceful and generous. All the time they are struggling, and you, my boy, have those same two wolves inside you.”

“Which one will win?”, asked the boy.

The elder smiled and said “The one you feed.”

This story, told in How God changes your Brain, by Newburg and Waldman (neurotheology), is a wonderful example of the power of therapeutic story-telling. Stories can help us see ourselves more clearly. They give us visual metaphors to describe intangible feelings inside us, along with new strategies for managing our challenges. Continue reading “The Two Wolves”

Healing Pain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis sketch was one I asked Spirit to bring through for me. It helps with the healing of pain. Right now, this sketch is telling me that it is stretching me, to release old pain and tension from my body. This old pain and tension comes not just from my personal history as a body and soul, but also the painĀ I am empathetically exposed to in the world around me. Spirit keeps talking to me about ‘history’, saying that the human being carries, to some extent, the worlds history, including all it’s pain and joy. This sketch helps us resolve this pain. It is especially applicable when this psychic pain is being experienced physically, expressed or embodied by the physical body itself.

Continue reading “Healing Pain”