Aura Spray – Courage and Synchronicity

photoToday I am making some Aura Sprays for clients. I make all of my own gem, flower and colour essences. Two of the beautiful Aura Colour essences being used in an Aura Spray today are Courage Orange and Synchronicity Pink

Courage Orange is a “Phoenix riding from the ashes” colour. It brings all the warm colours back into the aura after they have been burned out or smothered. This is a fantastic recovery colour for exhaustion, depression and creative block. It helps us overcome our fears and embrace our inner strengths. This colour always reminds me of a lions mane!

2015-05-29 12.43.58Synchronicity Pink brings faith and magic back into our lives. It restores a feeling of flow, of everything falling smoothly into place. Having rediscovered our faith in divine timing and a sense that we are supported by the universe, we let go of our fears and stop trying to control what cannot be controlled. Viewed with psychic vision, this rich, deep pink aura colour contains silver and red sparkles.

If you would like Omanisa to create a special blend for you, have a look at theĀ Aura Remedies page and place an order. You are very welcome to contact Omanisa for more information.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix sketch always makes me feel like golden sun bird flying over the vast, sparkling ocean. It gives me such a free and magical feeling!

Here is some information about its various uses in healing:

Parts of this sketch have a vibrational frequency similar to amber or my Aura Card ‘Courage’, which you can read about here.

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Clear Action Flower Essence




Tiny, white, four-petalled flower with yellow centre geometrically divided into four parts by a cross.


Clarity. Focus. ‘Do it Now’. Completion. Emotional Honesty.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Procrastination. Leaving it until tomorrow. Getting distracted. Mentally scattered. Dithering. Impractical. Being ‘up there with the fairies’. Disorganised. Poor time management and budgeting. Unclear on priorities. Avoidance. Vagueness. Poor memory. Indecisive. A sense of being ‘unmoored and off target’. Denial. Delay tactics. Elusive endings.

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