Expression Blue (Aura Colour)

An excerpt from Aura Colour Therapy, written by Omanisa


Expression Blue has depth and sparkle, like an azure blue sky reflected on the surface of a lake, with little glints of white sparkles and streaks, where sunlight strikes the water. On a feeling level, it feels energetic and lively, like a passionate flow of conversation, with animated hand and body movements being used to convey meaning. This colour is particularly therapeutic for anyone wearing grey colours in or around the Throat Chakra.

Often worn by writers, artists, vocalists, journalists, public speakers and people working in the communication industry, Expression Blue gives us a knack for composing with words and communicating with others. Besides representing a personality type, Expression Blue can appear in the aura when we are going through a temporary phase of heightened creative self-expression.

This colour liberates us by giving us a voice. Our voice is our personal truth; our way of being in the world, expressing our opinions and contributing to a global discussion. Our personal truth is a conglomerate of our values, beliefs, ideas, ideals, attitudes and ethics. When we know our personal truth, we know who we are and who we are not; we know what we stand for and what is important to us. The phrase ‘being true to ourselves’ means living according to our personal truth

Before we can express our personal truth, we need to know what it is. Expression Blue helps us slow down and hear our inner voice. Often, we use creativity as a means to access this inner wisdom. If we cut off from our creativity and our inner voice for too long, we loose touch with our true selves. Sometimes we become too busy and forget to be still enough to hear the creative voice that wants to express through us. This can also happen when we use all our energy being creative for others instead of for ourselves. Creative people need to ensure they are making time for creative reconnection with themselves. They must take care that the pressure to perform on a creative level does not destroy their love for creating. The creative process is highly therapeutic and just as important as the creative end product. Creative expression sets the inner child free, bringing us a joy that nourishes the soul. Expression Blue can be evidence of creative skills being used well, but it can just as easily be a timely reminder to reconnect with our inner muse.

This colour challenges us to speak our truth without violating the right of others to do the same. When Expression Blue is well balanced within us, we celebrate differences between people rather than feeling threatened by them. Everybody has their own personal truth and each person’s truth is true for them, even if it is not true for someone else. It is important to know ourselves and share our truth via self-expression without hiding away for fear of being judged. Creative expression is a healthy way to discover, explore and express our personal truth without forcing it on others.
Our personal truth may differ from that of family members and friends or the society we live in. When people around us hold vastly different views from our own, it can be difficult to maintain loyalty to our own truth. Other people may judge us or put pressure on us to conform to their views. We can then become lost, confused and uncertain about who we really are, especially if our personal truth was not that strong and clear to begin with, or we tend to have trouble maintaining personal boundaries.
When people feel threatened by differences of opinion and belief, they can become judgemental and argumentative. They say ‘my truth is right, yours is wrong’. Some people go out of their way to avoid contact with people who have a truth different from their own, almost as though they are afraid their own personal truth will be contaminated. Some parents take this approach with their children, carefully shielding them from any unwanted influences.
Exposure to different perspectives, however, helps us grow. In deciding who we choose to be as individuals, we occasionally need to release old opinions and values because they no longer fit us. Perhaps they never really suited us in the first place. Part of developing our personal truth involves consciously deciding whether to keep or discard conditioning from childhood, family and society. As we establish our personal truth, we make decisions about what works for us and what does not. This is an ongoing process.
People who wear too much Expression Blue can become unbalanced and tip over into Zealous Blue, or they may become a little obsessed with telling the truth at all costs. These people self-disclose information that other people really do not need to hear, often to their own detriment and the dismay of others around them. Shaman Blue is an excellent therapeutic colour for excessive or inappropriate honesty.

Creative Red

This is from Om’s book “Aura Colour Therapy”

Creative Red is a rich, luscious pink-tinged red, full of vibrancy and sparkle. It has a sweet, slightly tart taste, kind of like the feeling of something delicious melting and exploding in your mouth all at once. Red raspberries with icecream is my latest favourite taste-based version of this colour!

This is always an exciting colour to see in the aura, because it represents dynamic change, with a resurgence in energy levels and renewed passion for life. Positive changes that we hoped for or would welcome, are occurring or about to occur.

Putting the spring back in our step, the magic back in our touch and the sparkle back in our eyes, Creative Red makes us feel so wonderfully alive! With the magical power of our creative energy rising up from within us to flow out through our hands, voice and actions, we bounce out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and we sleep deeply each night, contentedly exhausted from a delightfully satisfying day of work and play.

The resilience and bounce in this colour helps us take difficulties in our stride, switching gears smoothly without missing a beat. By enhancing our creative problem-solving skills, Creative Red empowers us. No longer content to hang back tentatively or give up and play the victim, we grapple playfully with life’s challenges, feeling liberated and free because we know we have choices and the creative power to shape our own experience of reality.

This colour is a godsend for anyone suffering from creative block or burnout. Often appearing in the aura after resolving a stuck, exhausted or burned-out state featuring depression and a loss of motivation or direction, Creative Red heralds a reawakening of one’s inner fire after it has been dead or smouldering for a while. A sure sign of recovery from grey colours such as Depression Grey, Creative Red often follows on from Courage Orange, with little orange sparks amongst grey ashes suddenly burning red and flaming upwards to invigorate the aura.

In order to re-ignite the fire hidden under the ashes, we need rest, recovery, recuperation and recreation. If we do not rest, we burn out. If we burn out, we can no longer produce with the same enthusiasm, quality and authenticity; nor with the same joy. Taking a rest from activities that have drained us is imperative if we are to refill the empty creative well within. By stopping regularly to recharge our batteries, we provide ourselves with nourishing input so we can sustain dynamic output.

Regular holidays, changes of scene and time out are essential to ensure this colour does not get bored and begin to wane. Think of this colour as being like a fire that needs oxygen to survive and thrive. Spend some time considering what your personal oxygen might be. What do you need in order to feel stimulated, inspired, ignited and delighted by life? What helps you to feel full? Be careful not to over stimulate yourself, especially with artificial substances such as caffeine and other drugs, as this can simply cause further burnout.

Some jobs and people can rob you of this essential energy. These energy drainers need to be minimised or avoided where possible. Be assertive and say no to energy thieves, your inner critic and your inner people-pleaser. Encourage and make time for your own creative endeavours without feeling guilty and remember to honour the natural cycles of life. Sometimes your fire will bank down because it needs to rest. Even grey moments have their blessings and we most certainly would not appreciate the beauty of Creative Red moments if there were nothing grey with which to compare them.

To facilitate positive dynamic change, combine Creative Red with any of the following colours: White, Silver, Courage Orange, Healing Green, Vision Yellow. To enhance your ‘reality creating’ skills, meditate on Creative Red and Manifestation Orange.

Creative Red is highly therapeutic for anyone struggling with Depression Grey. If your inner fire has gone out, leaving only the grey ashes of a dead fire, visualise bringing it back to life. Imagine refuelling the fire while you focus on breathing Creative Red into your body with every inhalation, and release Depression Grey out of your body with every exhalation.   Now stir the ashes in search of hidden Courage Orange sparks and imagine blowing on these sparks until the fire re-ignites.

Creative projects

This blog is like a dear diary stocktake. I have so many different projects happening at the moment that I feel like I need to list them to remind myself what they all are, just in case one slips down the rabbit hole. I love having lots of different projects happening at the same time because it means I can float at whim between them.

I’m creating an On-line Distance Course for people who want to read and heal the aura. This is level 1 and I have a handful of lovely students supporting me with this, giving me feedback and encouragement. Level 1 has 8 units and I’m currently writing unit 4, but I am lagging. I was hoping to have this everything done before I leave to go overseas, but other projects are snavelling my attention. What I’ve loved about creating this course is that it opened my world up to video as a form of tutorial. One of my students has asked me to create a mail-out version of the course though, because downloading isn’t something she can get her head around. That will be fun! But it could take a while. One of my other students said: “I NEVER realized that the psychic ability is so closely linked to imagination. That was a big revelation for me! Thank you!”

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Calliope Lynx

I turn to my spirit guides and seek connection. Tomas steps aside, so does Medea. The curtain of spirit friends steps back to reveal one I am not so consciously aware of. She seems soft, almost demure at first, but as I step closer, I see fire in her hooded eyes. A ‘she-cat’ with claws, her spirit animal is a wildcat, a were cat, a lynx. I see both of her forms, human and cat, head off in different directions. I decide to follow the cat first.

We run, run and leap. Now we are on a stone wall, looking around while pretending we are just washing our claws. Seeming to pay no attention at all when in fact, we are drinking in every over-turned stone, every bent blade of grass, every shift and scent in the air. My whiskers are quivering and I’m feeling strongly drawn to some smell in the west. We jump down, bounding, stalking, sleeking…. oh it is bliss to move like this!

I have found a black, smelly river in the earth. Not really a river: more like a crack, a seam. I step on it’s surface with my paw and it is hard like unbroken glass. I can see my own reflection and suddenly I am turning, twisting in the air, arching my back and extending my claws and teeth because I can see a shape looming over and above me. In mid turn, I realise it is him and go limp as he catches me in his large hands. My dohmey-re… king-father, magician, liberator, teacher. I claw my way up his thick coated arms and climb onto his back, watching as he extends one finger, meowing a little in fright and awe as I see the finger penetrate the hard black surface, as though it were nothing but oil. A river that looks like water but shuts itself up like glass for me, becomes true water at his touch.

He pulls me down off his back and pushes me down through the oil. I am hissing and tensing, more out of fear than complaint, because I trust him. It seems as though he rides my back and jumps in after me. I have become a large beast in another land, much like a horse but my claws seem sharper, and I have beak and wings. Very nice! I am admiring my strange coat of blue-black feathers and fur, wondering why my dohmey-re rides me as though I were some kind of vehicle. He leans down to stroke my neck, whispering in my ear… “Hush! We will take turns in this place. We must pretend, and not stand out. You will ‘ride’ me later. Let me guide you.”

I notice his feet using gentle pressure, pushing a little first one way and then the other. I have a strange urge to snap around and eat him but many remembered times of love stop me. He chuckles, as though aware of my conflicted feelings. “Hush”

We ride for sometime and I see all kind of wonders. Strange buildings and people. Some stare as they pass, but none challenge us. We reach the citadel and he climbs down from me, rummaging in a sack attached to a saddle around my girth. He pulls forth a beautiful crystal and puts it in a divot in the centre of the square. “It is time”, he says “Time for the turning of the spheres, the changing of the season. Now lets reverse the cycle.”

I am myself again, all dressed in finery and soft flowing cloth, strange tattoos snaking their way up my arms. I am riding my steed and my steed is my dohmey-re in disguise. I would recognise that distinctive smell anywhere. But we ride backwards, as though moving backwards in time. And we pull the crystal energy with us from the centre of the citadel…. beautiful streamers of light flowing from the crystal to my bejewelled arms, which I hold high above me.

Now all are stopping to watch, and they are joining us, walking backwards in time, many hearts and minds joining us in light. We climb backwards together out through the crack in the earth and these beautiful lives, these beautiful volunteers…. they form their bodies like glue into the crack, like bridges of light darning a hole in the sole/soul of the Earth herself. We are weeping and rejoicing, for the darkness can be no more and yet the darkness had it’s own gift to give: a new time of connection, awakening and wholeness. We are One.

I thank the dohmey-re, and walk back to the dividing path, now hurrying after the spirit lady who went in the other direction. I catch her and she turns as she feels my hand on her shoulder. Her face. She is me but not me. Her name is Calliope. A lady of the stars, a resin of the earth, a white lilly that fills the air with heavy scent. We travel now together, one leap-frogging over the other and I know not where we go but she is fine, and I am fine if she is me. We dance and laugh…. and then, there are her claws and sharp teeth again. “What do these represent?”, I ask her.

“This is the power you refuse to own”, she says. “So I carry it for you, finding new and beautiful ways to weave it into the fibre of Who You Are to Become.”

“Do I do you a disservice, that you must carry it for me because I will or cannot?”, I ask.

“I am growing old” she says, “And soon this load-gift must be your own. Will you try it on for size?”

I am strangely reminded of the boots that came for me in the mail today. Italian vegan boots, so beautiful! Her load becomes the vegan boots; sleek, glamorous, chunky but light, tough and free, earthy and bold, practical and inviting. I pull them on with delicious anticipation, enjoying every tiny millimetre as they slide into, over and throughout my being. I am gloved and booted. I am toughened and free. I have claws with kindness and teeth to bare when I smile. I can roar and laugh, I am fire and pain, burning with liberated flame. I sink my teeth into her and we become one. We are devoured by the light of our love for another. I love her and she loves me.

Blessed Be

Post-journey research:

Calliope : Looks like she is a creative muse, a muse of epic poetry… which might explain why I have suddenly fallen obsessively in love with the reading and writing of poetry. She has also been called the goddess of music, song and dance- which i can also relate to given that I have been dancing the last few days. Every time I do yoga, it morphs into a dance. I went to the opera on the weekend, a fund-raiser for a recent singing teacher, and yesterday I listened to the CD of my first first song-muse, the lady who first inspired me to sing when I was about 14 years old. Beautiful Lori. This was the first time I have listened to this Cd since she passed and while listening I gave thanks to her for the gift she gave me. Listening to her made me remember why I fell in love with singing and why I like the kind I music I like (jazz blues)

Must be more to this though- i get the nagging feeling about stars. I’m going to search Calliope (or with a K?) and stars…..No. Can’t find anything. I will ask her.

Calliope: “I am a star, your guiding star… or one of them at least! My sister placed us in the heavens, so that our light may gather all the magic of the universe and then be shone down upon you, are charges, who look to us for inspiration. Never forget, stars are hope.”

I like that! Ok, so the other reference, I was curious about, was the wildcat… or Lynx, more specifically. I noticed that it was said Calliope was lover to Ares the war God… so perhaps some fire in her was attracted to him, or he rubbed off on her, because she certainly wasn’t all peaches and cream!

Here are some Lynx sites and the quotes I like from them:

She knows the power of silence (I am perfecting the fine art of biting my tongue!), the power of words, and uses words like a magical potion.

She can craft her words into powerful chants and healing ceremonies…she is a spiritual healer

The ability to see through solid objects into other dimensions (like in the story, where we were able to go through the black ‘glass’ into another world)

The Lynx person can watch someone walk straight towards an open manhole and sensing that to try to warn the other person would be fruitless, they must sit back and allow the other to carry on as they will, even if that means the person ends up going straight into the hole!

I spoke with a client today who said that she has just emerged from an experience she was immersed in and has been recalling very accurate things I said to her at the time that she simply couldn’t absorb because the experience had such a strong hold on her. People hear when they are ready.



The ‘Washer Woman’ spirit guide


The rich world of mythological characterisation and story-telling in spiritual and psychic healing/counselling is a playful, creative and effective tool best utilised by clients who are intelligent abstract thinkers able to discern the difference between symbolism/metaphor and literal fact. These clients embrace story-telling in the spirit it is meant, suspending disbelief long enough for the subconscious to make good use of the material, without taking anything too seriously or losing their grounded connection with consensus reality.  Continue reading “The ‘Washer Woman’ spirit guide”