Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

The Chakra Collection features 7 blends designed to balance, nourish and strengthen the chakras. Each blend is made from Omanisa’s own hand-made remedies and includes 2 remedies each from Om’s Aura Colour series, her Central Australian flower essence range and her collection of gem elixirs. Om has over 30 years experience applying colour therapy in her own life and has been working as an Aura Colour … Continue reading Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

Earth and Sky, Above and Below


For a basic understanding of the energy field, it’s important to understand the relationship between the crown and base chakras. As healers and spiritual counselors, we need to be able to consciously open both chakras in order to access spiritual guidance and healing for the client and still stay grounded. In this context, we can think of the base chakra as providing us with a link to everyday, normal consciousness, or even a more left-brained, practical-minded state of mind.

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