Bridging in healing

Healing class this morning was lovely. Here is one of the techniques or healing concepts we explored:


Bridging is the idea of connecting two areas or parts of a person that are disconnected. While it mostly comes up as an intrapersonal issue (within¬†ourselves), bridges can also be built between ourselves and others, or between ourselves and our dreams. Quite often though, resolving internal divides resolves external divisions. As my mother so often says : “Magic begins on the inside!” Continue reading “Bridging in healing”

Working with energy lines

When I’m working on the energy fields of my clients, I’m often working with energy lines. Most of these lines run vertically throughout the energy field. I think of them as ‘the long lines’, or ‘major energy channels’, or even ‘superhighways of the energy body’. Energy lines come with complex pathologies. One of the easiest ways to understand some of what can go wrong with … Continue reading Working with energy lines