Boundaries Aura Spray

I recently created a special blend for the students in the last workshop I ran, on Boundaries, and I promised them I’d write something for them about the ingredients, so here it is! Blessings! Om Boundaries Blue Boundaries Blue is the colour I find in people’s auras when their boundaries are strong and healthy. This colour provides a smooth edge to the aura that doesn’t allow … Continue reading Boundaries Aura Spray

Aura Remedy – Releasing grief

IMG_5120Sometimes when we are sad, we express it in strange ways! We might get angry, for example. We might have a tantrum, shut people out, run away, or give up. We might not even really be aware of the grief…. we just feel “off” and we’re acting out, but we don’t know why. Releasing the grief behind this behaviour makes the behaviour go away.

Today I made a special Aura Remedy blend for helping people (and their children and/or inner child) through these troubling moments in life. This blend uses Apache tear to release the underlying grief, especially when this grief has to do with feeling helpless or powerless, unloved or misunderstood, rejected or abandoned.  Continue reading “Aura Remedy – Releasing grief”

Honey Grevillea

IMG_2475 (The following is from my book ‘Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia’):

The next community that enchanted me was Warumpi (Papunya), where I was excited to see street signs that bore the names of some of my favourite artists, such as Tim Leura, who I knew as a child. When my great uncle Peter was working as a teacher in Warumpi, fellow art teacher Geoff Barden, with the help of an amazing man named Kaapa, was helping the local Aboriginal men transfer their traditional sand paintings on to board and canvas. This was the beginning of the Western Desert Aboriginal art movement.

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Convolvulus – birthing and initiation flower

Convolvulus Flower

Davenportia Davenportii


Call on Convolulus for healing when:

You are grieving lost opportunities to give birth to new life and new creations.

You need inspiration and support from beings of light, such as angels and ascended masters.

You are ready to shed your old skin in preparation for rebirth.

You want to release low frequency energy so you can evolve.

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Central Australian ‘Heart Fuchsia’

I found this flower in Central Australia.

Heart Fuchsia heals the wounds of the heart. She helps you travel through your history so you can understand who you are and why your heart has become who it is. The healing she gave me was a soul-retrieval. When wounded, a part of us can split off from our wholeness and become trapped in the memory of the wound, and we let it go, abandon it almost, in an attempt to wall off the pain. To heal the wound, we need to reintegrate the memory and be present with our pain, with compassion, gentleness, acceptance and love. 

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Phaleria Flower Spirit

Phaleria clerodendrum

Scented Daphne


Small Tree: 6m, sometimes more.

Leaves: Dark glossy green, opposite, up to 18″ long

Flowers: Numerous clusters of tubular flowers growing directly out of the trunk and branches. The sepals are white to cream and up to 4 cm long. Said by some to be ‘pineapple scented’ or ‘coconut scented’.

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Desert Heath Myrtle on the Sandy Blight Rd

Desert Myrtle MedicineImage

Desert Health Myrtle made my neck feel longer, almost as though it were helping me stretch out the kinks and compressions in my spine. Then I found myself rotating my head around in each direction, slowly, as though scanning the environment around me. It reminded me of what our blind owl Zing does- it’s almost as though she can turn her head all the way around and ‘look’ over her own shoulder at you. Really, she’s listening to the entire room to get a sense for what is where and who is doing what.

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Daisy Bush at Areyonga


Areyonga was a power place for me; the mountains reached out and connected with me, spoke with me. I haven’t seen a more beautiful place and it was delicious to be nestled so closely between two mountains. The echo was incredible. What I thought were two dogs barking at each other turned out to be one dog barking at himself.

I found two special flowers here, both within metres of one another, a fuchsia and a daisy. This was the first daisy I’d found on the trip and I’d really been looking forwards to connecting with daisy, so it was a magical moment for me. I’d headed in off the road, letting spirit guide my steps, drawn towards some mistletoe. As I stepped up to the tree I realised it wasn’t in flower, but when I looked down, right in front of me was this magnificent daisy bush.

Daisy spoke to me mostly in images and feelings, with the odd word thrown in.  I had to work with this medicine three times before I really grasped its purpose.

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