Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

The Chakra Collection features 7 blends designed to balance, nourish and strengthen the chakras. Each blend is made from Omanisa’s own hand-made remedies and includes 2 remedies each from Om’s Aura Colour series, her Central Australian flower essence range and her collection of gem elixirs. Om has over 30 years experience applying colour therapy in her own life and has been working as an Aura Colour … Continue reading Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

The Forgiveness Cake

Fiona 11-11-14 138Yesterday a friend and her daughter came over for lunch, and they brought with them a few slices of this beautiful cake. It not only looked amazing, it tasted incredible too. I really loved the magic in this cake and could feel its effects on me even before it arrived, while it was being dreamt up and concocted over the weekend. I also felt a beautiful connection with the sacred geometry work incorporated into the cake, taught to my friend by a lovely lady named Starina.

I asked Fiona if she would mind if we created a blog to share with others, featuring the cake, her recipe and a link to Starina’s star symbols, and she said yes! So here is a story from Fiona, with photos scattered throughout, and a link to Starina’s work at the bottom. Fiona’s journey has very much mirrored my own this year, and it has been such a gift to receive this cake and the symbol embedded within, at the perfect moment, from two such beautiful women. This has transformed my heart.  Continue reading “The Forgiveness Cake”

Pass-it-on Green

This is an article I wrote many years ago. Thought I might share it again. Pass-it-on Green is a combination of Conflict Green, Resentment Green and Performance Green.

Revenge, curses, passing-the-blame, seeking retribution, family feuds. 

Such energy can be handed down through the generations like an inheritance. This colour can be stored within the energy field in a latent ‘sleeping state’ for long periods of time, only to be triggered by coming into contact with an ancestor of the ‘enemy’. Like a curse, the energy of retribution can be carried down through generations or lifetimes (passed) until an inheritor manages to resolve it. Each inheritor must choose between taking out retribution on the ancestors of the original enemy or overcoming the ‘curse’ by releasing its energy through themselves and thus releasing themselves from its hold. This release is a discharge of the emotional loading inherited on a psychic level from our ancestors or past selves and may involve reliving the original core emotions experienced when the colour was initially passed onto you or your family.

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