The Forgiveness Cake

Fiona 11-11-14 138Yesterday a friend and her daughter came over for lunch, and they brought with them a few slices of this beautiful cake. It not only looked amazing, it tasted incredible too. I really loved the magic in this cake and could feel its effects on me even before it arrived, while it was being dreamt up and concocted over the weekend. I also felt a beautiful connection with the sacred geometry work incorporated into the cake, taught to my friend by a lovely lady named Starina.

I asked Fiona if she would mind if we created a blog to share with others, featuring the cake, her recipe and a link to Starina’s star symbols, and she said yes! So here is a story from Fiona, with photos scattered throughout, and a link to Starina’s work at the bottom. Fiona’s journey has very much mirrored my own this year, and it has been such a gift to receive this cake and the symbol embedded within, at the perfect moment, from two such beautiful women. This has transformed my heart.  Continue reading “The Forgiveness Cake”

Wings around my sister

Karlee handed the bottle of pills over to the program coordinator and sat down. Someone had ratted her out. She looked around the room at the other girls suspiciously, hiding the hardness in her eyes behind a thick fringe of hair and a demure smile. They were talking crap again. About how this one had said that and that one had done this. It was boring.

She watched Tanya for a while and wondered if it was her who had dobbed her in for the pills. Little prattler was a suck. Even the sound of her voice grated on Karlee’s nerves. It reminded her of a childhood ‘friend’. Bloody memories. But it was too late, one had sucked her in again. She wished she could get the pills back.

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The Dogs – part 2

Klonar placed his empty teacup on the side table and sat forward in his chair.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going then. Thank you for the tea.”

He began to get to his feet when King Willy uncoiled like a spring from his sleeping position and barked in Klonar’s face. Willy’s voice was deep like rolling thunder and the bark itself was short and clipped, laced with menace and authority. The soundwave hit Klonar like a physical force, pushing him back in his chair.

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The Dogs – part 1

He had been locked away now for a little over two months. The sound of laughter from the community danced around his cell, taunting him, letting him know what he was missing. He so often dreamed of getting away. Perhaps that was why he was locked up. Paddy, his prison guard, dreamed of getting away too, but he was better at hiding it, better at the pretended game of ‘assimilation’. Klonar recognised the laughter of little Kettie. It must be her marriage time. The sound of drums told him that someone was getting married and surely only Kettie was now the right age. Banging on the cage walls he called Paddy to him.

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I had watched him scuttle past these rocks so many times this week. I do not think he knew I was watching. Perhaps he thought I was like all the other tourists; too busy watching the sunset and the wind-surfers, to notice him rifling through bags and swiping picnic food. He was about 8 years old, I was guessing. A wiry, sun-bronzed boy with a matted mess of blonde curls. He did not seem to belong to anyone and always disappeared around the rocks, rocks so slippery I hesitated to follow but he was the only mystery worth solving on this beach and Thomas had forgotten me, so followed.

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