Gaian Healing Attunement : Workshop with Omanisa

    1 Day Workshop Channelled by Omanisa  Sunday April 14th 2019 10am to 5pm Fannie Bay, Darwin       $180 AU When I was 16 years old I attended a vision quest led by an American Indian shaman who was visiting my home town of Alice Springs. The vision I received, after fasting, sweating, meditating and staying awake during the night, came at dawn. … Continue reading Gaian Healing Attunement : Workshop with Omanisa

Initiation from Gaia

(I wrote this after an altered state experience, facilitated by a healer/channel in 1996) Initiation from Gaia Renewed connection to Mother Earth, Gaia Rebirthed, nourished, nurtured Cradled, rocked in her womb Cleansed and loved “Healer of/from the Earth Daughter mine Go forth to do the work Heal the people Heal the Earth I give you these shards of light rock crystal broken in half and … Continue reading Initiation from Gaia

Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

I’ll always remember an aura reading I did many years ago. I was sketching a young lady’s aura. I don’t remember her name now but lets call her Anna. Anna’s aura was sprinkled with orange and sparkles of silver, the pregnancy colours. I also had a psychic vision of Gaia hovering above Anna in the spirit guide position. I could see this Mother Earth Goddess … Continue reading Pregnancy and Mother Gaia