Aesthetic Green

Screenshot 2015-10-06 15.12.14This cool and refreshing pale mint-green can vary in shade, sometimes being a true-green, other times taking on more of a blue-green aqua or turquoise tint. Generally a fairly composed colour, Aesthetic Green often forms part of the auric boundary, functioning as a shield that can expand or thicken outward. It can also ‘lock in’ and become rigid when unhealthy.

Aesthetic Green helps the wearer assume a cool, reserved demeanour, thereby enabling psychological and emotional privacy. On the other hand, Aesthetic Green facilitates honesty and the clear psychic broadcast of personal boundaries so that other people are under no illusion as to where they stand when they come into contact with you. Some people wearing this colour are learning how to emanate or radiate specific attitudes or moods from their aura in order to influence others. Continue reading “Aesthetic Green”

Brown in the Aura

Brown is the structural foundation of the aura, and earthy grounding energy flows down through the legs and feet, anchoring us into our body and the earth. This provides us with a sense of ‘home’, security, support and stability. Brown teaches us the wisdom of caution and planning ahead. Under the influence of this colour we learn to pace ourselves, and to know ourselves via our connection with … Continue reading Brown in the Aura

Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.   The meditation teaches various grounding techniques using creative visualisation or magical intent. Grounding is a valuable technique to learn if you tend to be too floaty, spacey, vague, easily distracted, speedy or clumsy. As the counterpoint to (or anchor for) the altered state of mind accessed during healing and psychic work, … Continue reading Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Unbalanced Grounding

Here is a question from a student regarding grounding:

“I’ve been doing the grounding meditation in your on-line course, and enjoying it, but for quite a while now I’ve been getting the feeling I am not standing straight on the ground…and it gets worse: I feel I my connection with the earth is knotted up somehow, as though I am leaning forward, and my heels aren’t in contact with the ground. I definitely don’t feel like I’m standing straight, like the trunk of a tree.

There are some days though I feel pretty straight (like I always did for weeks in the beginning when starting with the grounding meditation), but generally it’s getting worse and worse. Sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster going into the ground:) I try just to observe it and be with it, but ….do you have any tips here? Is that enough..just observing? I am concerned, because it’s getting worse. But maybe that is ok and something is just coming up and it can get stronger? I just want to check with you that I am not doing anything wrong… “

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Home Brown in the aura

This colour makes me think of chocolate because it is sweet and comforting. The other classic images I tend to see in association with this colour are images of the earth, rocks, mountains, houses, gardens and trees. This is a beautiful colour. Not only is it warm, it has a silky consistency and it’s vibrational frequency is a low humming purr that always makes me … Continue reading Home Brown in the aura

Cosmics and Grounding

(I just found this in my writing files. It’s a bit blunt, but in keeping with my new love affair with honest self-expression, I’ll share it!)

I think the main concern scientific thinkers have with spiritual ideas like past lives and spirit guides, is that they are ‘not grounded in reality’. In fact, for most people who are standing firmly on the other side of the spiritual fence, the idea that something might threaten their sanity or rationality is positively terrifying. I absolutely agree. Our rational or sane mind is what keeps us operating in accordance with consensual reality. Without it, we are stuffed, to put it politely, yet bluntly. We need to keep at least one foot firmly on the ground, preferably both, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun at the same time.

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Earth and Sky, Above and Below


For a basic understanding of the energy field, it’s important to understand the relationship between the crown and base chakras. As healers and spiritual counselors, we need to be able to consciously open both chakras in order to access spiritual guidance and healing for the client and still stay grounded. In this context, we can think of the base chakra as providing us with a link to everyday, normal consciousness, or even a more left-brained, practical-minded state of mind.

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Flower Essence Bushwalk

Just came back from camping at Darwin River. Had a great time! Got up early yesterday morning, gathered up flower essence making kit and went searching. The first essence I made was of a grass flower, one I’ve met before and photographed but never actually sat down and had a conversation with. The setting was beautiful- on the edge of a pandanus strip, beginning of April, slightly mossy wet ground, surrounded by birdsong. I heard some calls I’ve never heard before! My husband came looking for me towards the end of the session and I guided him towards me via walkie-talkie by telling him to walk towards the kookaburras. Continue reading “Flower Essence Bushwalk”