A beautiful day

With a little help from my friends and spirit, I’ve been shifting a mild not-so-positive headspace in favour of something brighter, lighter and more playful. It’s a great thing when you remember that your moods and attitudes are choices and you then proceed to make better choices!

Deliberately shifting my mindset and mood has made for some delightful days, filled with happiness, bliss, laughter and warmth. Today was a beautiful day.

It started off with a small bowl of last night’s leftovers: pumpkin curry with brown rice. While pumpkin was the star of the show, this scrummy meal included zucchini, carrot, onion and kale as support acts.¬†Yummmmm! Proper meals for breakfast, in a small quantity, have always been my breakfast of choice. I don’t enjoy cereals and sugar for breakfast. I want to fill up on nourishing food that I love, whole foods full of diverse flavour, colour and nutrition. I don’t want to waste tummy space on boring things like bread, cereal and refined sugar. Bleh! With a tummy blessed with gentle soothing pumpkin (very good for helping us relax and see the funny side of life), I headed into my day!

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