Relationships and happiness

I just got through two paragraphs, reading a blog about relationships, and suddenly realised my husband and I have been together for almost 27 years. “Why are we so happy with each other, so happy together?” my husband asked me earlier today. I shrugged. “We’ve worked on it. Most people don’t.” I sincerely believe relationships are an art that needs to be practised, a skill-set … Continue reading Relationships and happiness

Happiness Yellow

Screenshot 2015-10-07 10.27.13On a feeling level, Happiness Yellow feels very similar to Warmth Yellow. Visually, Happiness Yellow is a primary yellow, without any orange added. Energetically, it could be considered the basic healthy state for the mental aura. Authentic Happiness Yellow sits in the core of our being with a very stable, solid sureness. When this colour is being used as a front, it sits in the outer aura and can seem too bright and shiny, almost as though over-compensating.

Happiness Yellow reflects our happy moments in life. Everything is shining brightly and flowing along smoothly. We feel good about ourselves and the situation we are in. This happy state is usually temporary and can easily be destabilised by changes in our external circumstances, unless we have learned to cultivate Happiness Yellow as a personality trait. With practice, Happiness Yellow can become a fairly permanent mind-body state that can weather the storms of change and hardship that are a natural and inevitable part of life. Continue reading “Happiness Yellow”

Trickster energy

A few weeks back I was practising for my upcoming backpacking trek by trudging to the bank in the heat of the day, with 10 kilos in my pack. I was going to pay for the re-printing of my Grandmother’s wildflower book and was on the tail end of five days of high stress load, feeling overwhelmed by suddenly becoming a publisher and a hiker on top of everything else in my life.

I knew I wasn’t balanced because my body was telling me so, and I had noticed my thinking patterns were getting a little unhealthy. Suddenly, a leprechaun jumped on the back of my pack. I pushed it off, cross that my psychic imagination was encroaching on my personal space without being invited, knowing this was another sign that I was pushing myself too hard, and losing my grounding.

Continue reading “Trickster energy”