Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

The Chakra Collection features 7 blends designed to balance, nourish and strengthen the chakras. Each blend is made from Omanisa’s own hand-made remedies and includes 2 remedies each from Om’s Aura Colour series, her Central Australian flower essence range and her collection of gem elixirs. Om has over 30 years experience applying colour therapy in her own life and has been working as an Aura Colour … Continue reading Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

Aesthetic Green

Screenshot 2015-10-06 15.12.14This cool and refreshing pale mint-green can vary in shade, sometimes being a true-green, other times taking on more of a blue-green aqua or turquoise tint. Generally a fairly composed colour, Aesthetic Green often forms part of the auric boundary, functioning as a shield that can expand or thicken outward. It can also ‘lock in’ and become rigid when unhealthy.

Aesthetic Green helps the wearer assume a cool, reserved demeanour, thereby enabling psychological and emotional privacy. On the other hand, Aesthetic Green facilitates honesty and the clear psychic broadcast of personal boundaries so that other people are under no illusion as to where they stand when they come into contact with you. Some people wearing this colour are learning how to emanate or radiate specific attitudes or moods from their aura in order to influence others. Continue reading “Aesthetic Green”

Bridging, or reconnecting, in healing.

In our healing classes this month, the students and I are exploring the concept of bridging. Bridging, or reconnecting, is a common tool we all use as healers, even if we have different names for it.

Bridging is about restoring wholeness by healing divisions or disconnections between one part of the wholeness and another.

As healers, we meditate, bringing opposed energies together in a harmonious way. We bridge gaps, completing energetic circuits and restoring flow. We identify conflicting values/perspectives held by our clients, and we help these aspects of self work together cooperatively rather than fighting against one another. An ‘aspect of self’ might be an intangible value/perspective, but because everything is connected, it also has an embodied or physical expression. To bridge a logic/intuition or mind/heart split, for example, a healer might place one hand on the client’s heart and the other on their head, or one hand on their solar plexus chakra and the other on their heart chakra.

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