The wounded healer and his apprentice

Chiron, the wounded healer, and his apprentice Achilles, are coming up as strong archetypes for many healers and helpers at the moment. This is an opportunity to heal your deepest wounds and weaknesses as a healer/helper… The wounded healer’s drive to heal often comes from their wounded self. This is the part of us that heals others in order to heal ourselves. We see ourselves … Continue reading The wounded healer and his apprentice

Shamanic Class

One of the healing classes I run is a shamanic healing class. Last class was particularly beautiful, with the way everything unfolded and slipped into place.

Om: “Look around you at the corners of my clinic. Why do I have cobwebs? Why don’t I clean them away?”

Student reply: “Because it’s someone’s home”

Bless her! Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, indeed, the cobwebs are someones home. We talked further and I explained that spider is my power animal.

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The Art of Holding in Healing

Today during a healing class, one of my students was the healer in the second healing for the day. In some ways this can be challenging, because the first healer and healing sets a mood or a standard, and the instinct most of us have is to match that mood or standard, when in reality, a different client usually requires a completely different approach. The first healing during class today was dynamic. The healer talked us through the healing and the imagery was beautiful. There was a pace and a flow, almost like the feeling you get when a person ‘doesn’t skip a beat’.

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