Patience Green

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Colour: Teal green
Image: A wise woman herbalist

Patient. Wise. Observant. Grandmother.
Mature. Composed. Pragmatic. Good judge of character. Midwife. Herbalist. Gardener. Human resource manager.


I’m going to let you work it out for yourself.

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Lavender and the Watchful Blue Aura

photo-31Spirit keeps telling me to take Lavender, these past few days, bringing it into my life and to my attention in various sneaky ways. First it arrived via my current obsession with edible flower petals, and I found myself prickling it over my food. Now It’s the card I keep pulling from my home-made herbal deck. I have Lavender tincture preserved in pears, which is lovely and soft compared to the alcohol version.

Agitated Depression

I can’t say this is an issue for me at the moment but it is for many people I am energetically supporting. I love herbs that calm anxiety while also treating depression, because the two so often go hand in hand. Lavender treats dizziness and insomnia, and stops us from from getting caught up in obsessive thoughts.

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Decision-making Chakra Cake

If you’ve been reading my most recent blogs, you will know I’ve been making food-as-medicine chakra-cakes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the weekend I made a decision-making cake, using the colours we find in the aura of excellent decision-makers: yellow and orange.

Yellow gives us clarity, vision and inspiration. Orange helps with goal setting, motivation and enthusiasm. Another way of thinking about this is that yellow provides and stimulates a really good idea, like a light-bulb flashing on….. while orange provides the inner-child vitality energy needed to pursue the idea into reality, with all the inner child’s marvellous ability to playfully side-step obstacles and turn lemons into lemonade. Orange makes us adaptable and resilient, flexible and creative.

So this is a belly chakra, solar plexus cake!

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Balancing Fire in the Heart

photo-24I’m making a potion for a client, an energy remedy with a herbal component.

The herbal carrier, or core remedy, is Nettles. Nettles is incredible on a spirit medicine level, working in very powerful ways to clear anger and resentment out of the aura. It’s particularly effective for cleansing, balancing and stabilising the solar plexus chakra, but in this instance, Nettles in going to be used to cleanse the heart chakra. Another way of saying this is that by clearing old anger out of the solar plexus, the heart chakra will become more stable, open, powerful…. because it’s being supported by a peaceful and empowered sense of self!

On a physical level, Nettles is a blood cleansing and building remedy. What does this mean? It means Nettles cleanses rubbish out of the tissues as well as enriching the red blood cells, making them more robust. There is definitely a sense of red-base-chakra energy about nettles, alongside it’s yellow sunlight-cutting-through-the-crap medicine! I always see yellow shafts or sword-like light when I work with nettles…. it makes me think of archangel Michael with his tie-cutting sword, or the silver energy of lightening bolts cutting through the darkness and waking us up with a bang.

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Love Potion Cake

photo-23I’ve just made my first love potion cake. This is a trial run for a cake I’m going to create for a friend. During this ‘draft’ of the cake, I was mostly wanting to experiment with appearance, texture and flavour. I really like the circular tower effect I have here because it will lend itself beautifully to the range of ‘chakra cakes’ I want to make.

This particular cake grounds the heart chakra whilst also raising its frequency. The earthy brown colours at the base function as a grounding mechanism, while the white upper layer lifts the heart into heaven! This cake not only blesses us with the heaven (haven) of a blissful and stable relationship and the heavenly high frequencies of a delicious raw vegan cake, it helps us invite spirit into our heart chakras, so that we may be guided to find our highest love frequency.

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Psychic uses of herbal Raspberry Leaf

I’m making up lots of remedies for people… beautiful blends of herbs with gem elixers, flower essences and my aura colour essences.

Spirit is teaching me how to use herbs in a different way… a way that fits who I am and how I work. For example, here is some information on the use of Raspberry Leaf, from my spiritual herbal teachers/guides:

“Raspberry Leaf repairs the psychic womb. This is a power centre for women; a place where they store some of their deepest feelings, a place from which they access their deepest wisdom and their ‘women’s intuition’.

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