My Life as a Dreamer

My husband tells me the way I dream is unusual, and I’m curious to know if that is true!

I’ve always been an adventurous dreamer. As a child, I’d dream of being in the school yard, off in some little corner by myself, practising my levitation skills. I’d slowly lean back, keeping my body straight and stiff, balancing my weight on my heels. Instead of falling backwards I’d suddenly find myself floating with my heels an inch off the ground! It required a lot of concentration, but with practise, it became easier.

As the years rolled by, I was able to float a little higher, and for longer, and by the time I reached my teens I could fly! Sometimes, my flying looks like Wonder Woman. When I fly like this, it feels almost as though I am a dolphin, streaming, winding, whipping and turning effortlessly, this way and that. Other times, it’s more a sense of being able to jump with weightlessness, launching in the air and leaping to great heights. Continue reading “My Life as a Dreamer”

Colour therapy, creative imagery and science

I am an avid reader with a big, enthusiastic passion for PNI, neuroscience and neurotheology. And what I learn, I incorporate into my practise, as a healer who specialises in colour therapy, creative imagery and therapeutic story-telling.

Metaphor, in particular, is a very powerful form of subtle suggestion I use over and over again in my work, especially colour-based metaphors.

The average science-based thinker might scoff at this, wondering how on earth a metaphor in a story tailored for a specific client could make any kind of tangible difference, and yet…. Continue reading “Colour therapy, creative imagery and science”

The Fantasy Colour

This is a straw-coloured, pale brown-yellow, or yellow brown. Yellow is a solar plexus colour, tied in with the nervous system and the mind. Brown is a base chakra colour associated with grounding. Too much yellow and light in the base chakra can dampen our grounding and pull us into our minds. On the flip side, a bit of brown in the solar plexus, colouring our yellow frequency, can bring a practical element to our thinking e.g. how can I use my mind in a practical way to make my life better?


If you have a deck of my Aura Cards and you have some challenges reading this colour, here are some tips:

1) Are there other cards in the spread, or hints in the conversation with the client (or in your own life if this reading is your own), that make you suspect you might be lacking in grounding? This colour can make us a bit dreamy and heady. Symptoms of a lack of grounding in this instance can include:
*Being distracted and not really hearing what others are saying to you.
*Having trouble with your memory because you aren’t really paying attention in the moment.
*Always being somewhere else in your head (past or future or another part of the world for example) instead of being here now.
*Walking into things, having little accidents, forgetting things.
*Feeling dizzy, light-headed or foggy in the head.

2) Explore with yourself (or the client) how you are using your imagination. Is it in a helpful way, or an unhelpful way. Sometimes this card can mean that the worries or issues being experienced are, quite literally, all in your head. They aren’t real. For example, you might be imagining that someone hates you when that isn’t the case at all! We often project our emotional wounds onto others.

3) My favourite way to use this card in a reading, by far, is to think of it as a message from spirit reminding me (or the client) to use our imagination in a therapeutic way. I use the other surrounding cards as hints, to give me ideas about what I could imagine. The mind is so, so incredibly powerful and half the time we walk around with this powerhouse inside us running it’s own show, without us ever attempting to take command of the controls. Deliberate therapeutic imagination is something every wise person uses, say for example when they are learning a new skill: they imagine themselves doing that task easy, effortlessly, joyfully!

Co-creating your spirit guide

Spirituality is a creative process and spirit loves being involved in your creations and co-creating with you. The image, name and identity we have for a spirit guide is simply a mental construct; an idea or image through which spirit communicates. It isn’t real. Spirit is energy. Spirit is frequency. Being human we give spirit an identity based on our human, physical experience. Bodies, names, identities, gender… are human ideas.

When I see an image of a spirit guide in my mind, I do not mistake the image for the guide animating it, just as spirit does not mistake our body for us. Like spirit, we are more than just a body, an identity or a name; we are energy, we are frequency – this is our core essence.

Quite often the outer cover is an expression of the core; a representation. Some bodies are fairly accurate representations of the spirit contained within, but others aren’t. It’s the same with spirit guides. We don’t have to come up with the perfect name and physical identity for a guide. Names and physical identities are not the reality hidden underneath.

Your guides have a very strong desire to communicate with you. It won’t matter to them what image is used as the communication medium unless this image detracts from the quality and clarity of the conversation. It’s the message, and the quality of the message, that ultimately matters, not the outer casing or medium through which the message is delivered.

We humans tend to get waylaid by questions like “what does my guide look like?” and “what is his/her name?”. I don’t mean to say these thing don’t matter at all, because without them our humans minds can get a little lost, it’s just that we take them too literally. We do need something a little more concrete than energy/frequency to focus on and communicate with, otherwise the experience becomes too vague. Having a well-defined character to focus on generally makes the message easier to comprehend.

So if you want to communicate with your spirit guides, stop sitting around waiting for it to happen and give them something to communicate through. Give them something to work with! Be proactive and create a character. This character will be a co-creation with spirit, especially if you allow your inner child, imagination and intuition some free rein. Spirit will meet you half way, in the realm of your imagination and guide you.

The name you make up might not be that far off the mark. The gender you assign your spirit guide will probably be quite appropriate. The physical stature you imagine your guide having might well be exactly how that guide imagines they would look if they were human with physical form. Nothing you come up with will be entirely accurate because spirit isn’t physical, but it will have personal meaning for you, and that’s all that matters.

Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

2015-04-19 12.34.29

Enter through a gateway leading into your inner world and rediscover your your ‘inner nature’. This journey familiarises you with the centre of your sacred inner garden, a meeting place between you and spirit, wher many healing journeys can begin. By learning to stay focsed on imagined sensory information such as imagery, sounds, feelings, sensations, smells and so on, you strengthen your capacity to connect with your spirit helpers. Sanctuary Meditation draws on many classic techniques used by spiritual questers exploring the inner world, such as shape shifting and using natural landscapes as a metaphor for your inner being.

Read this blog featuring a Sanctuary Meditation testimonial from a student, along with troubleshooting responses from Omanisa regarding guided meditation challenges this student faced.

Spirit Guides and Invisible Friends


Did you have an invisible friend when you were a child? I had an invisible dog friend. Mum says I had a real lead for my invisible dog and he went with me everywhere. I also talked to trees and still do as an adult. I no longer have an invisible dog, but I do talk to animal spirit guides and a few times recently, I felt a few of my old dogs around me, especially Jumper, who passed away just over a year ago. That was a lovely feeling. I was sitting painting and I could have sworn he was sitting behind me. I even turned around to say hello. Then I remembered he’d passed and had to think for a moment to remember what year I was in. I think painting can do that to you- make time stand still and even move backwards a little!

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Beliefs and Perception

A few years ago I had the experience of being temporarily immersed in a world of scientists and psychologists while at a happiness conference. I love science and psychology but I also love spirituality and my psychic or shamanic world. Unfortunately, most people who are into science and psychology aren’t so open-minded. While immersed in this dry world of intellect and ideas, I found myself losing touch with my psychic self because I felt I had to hide it or be deemed a crack pot, or someone of lesser intelligence.

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Balancing Aura Colours

Most of my client consultations start with the Aura Cards. My favourite spread is the seven-card chakra spread, where I cross-reference aura colours with chakra positions. Using seven cards allows me an insight into the state of each chakra and provides plenty of scope for the fine art of reading colour combinations! Aura colours combine to create new meanings, and an insight into intra- and inter- personal relationship dynamics. This guides me through the spiritual counselling process, so that the client and I can work together to define what their underlying issues are and how we might approach them on the healing table.

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Reading spirit guides in the aura

sketched by Omanisa

When I’m reading the aura, I generally find spirit guide energy above the client’s head. Assigning a specific area of the aura to ‘the colours of spirit guides’ is helpful because then I can discern spirit energy from the energy of any incarnated beings the client might be interacting with. Using the area above the head as the spirit guide area makes sense because this is the area governed by the crown chakra, our spiritual chakra.

I tend to see spirit guides as balls of coloured light, with the colour, positioning and size of the ball giving me information about the guide’s personality and purpose. These meanings are my own personal system, and certainly not a rule of thumb- everyone perceives energy in their own unique way. I like the ball of light idea because to me, spirit is energy…the image of a guide as a character or human is secondary to the idea of spirit being an energy field.

Larger balls generally represent ‘older’ or wiser spirit guides. White balls are ‘master’ guides- guides with a very high frequency. When a ball of light is touching on, or close to the body, it means the guide and human have a very good working relationship and have probably been together for a long time.

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