Intuition Purple : position meanings

Intuition Purple COLOUR POSITIONS   Above Head – Your spiritual guidance is helping you strengthen your intuition about events, situations and people in the future, past or present moment. Intuition comes in all shapes and sizes. Clarivoyance will give you intuitive mental images. Clairaudience will give you intuitive mental thoughts, words, songs or phrases. Clairsentience will give you empathetic feelings, sensations and emotions. Claircognisance will … Continue reading Intuition Purple : position meanings

Working with wildflower spirits…

If you have a deck of the Wildflower Cards, spread your cards out in front of you so that you can see the images of the flowers, and notice which one you are drawn to. I’ll demonstrate, showing you how you can work with the flower spirits for healing and guidance, and then perhaps you can try this yourself! Remember to be playful and trust … Continue reading Working with wildflower spirits…

An Interview with Lisa Riemann

This is an interview Omanisa did with Lisa in May 2015, as part of a series of practitioner interviews. Lisa Riemann is a spiritual chiropractor and healer in Campbelltown, NSW.   I’ve been out of touch with you for a while! Can you give me an update on what’s happening with your business practice? I work from home. I brought the practice home when I was … Continue reading An Interview with Lisa Riemann

The King and the Dragon – part 2

For a while he just stood there, munching pear, feeling torn. One direction didn’t seem any more promising than the other. Perhaps it was the stress of indecision, but his stomach was starting to feel quite tight. He tucked the rest of his pear away with a grumble and rubbed his belly but if anything, the tight feeling got worse, rather than better. By golly, he thought, that’s a strange sensation. It really did feel as something was pulling on his stomach. The pulling sensation seemed to be drawing him to the left.

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