Make-a-wish Mindfulness Meditation

With reality creating, it pays to spend time reflecting mindfully on what it is you are intending to create. This meditation helps you do exactly that, incorporating creative visualisation, story-telling and mindfulness mantras that help you make/feel/see the connection between words, feelings and body sensations.


Feeling is as important (possibly more important) than visualisation and affirmations. Or to phrase this a little differently: visualisation and affirmation without adding feeling (emotion and body-based sensation) is like sitting in a car, forgetting to turn the key and wondering why the car won’t go. The affirmations and visualisations are there to evoke a feeling-state. If like attracts like, emanating a feeling/mood that is in alignment with your intention is a good way to attract that intention to you.

Letting go, or non-attachment to outcomes, is a surprisingly important cornerstone of good reality creating. Desire is a fire that drives you to pursue your dreams (rather than sitting on the couch doing nothing), but once the engine has started, we need to balance desire with surrender and faith. Think of desire as something that reveals your underlying values to you, and focus on these values rather than becoming obsessed with pursuing or possessing whatever your desire has fixated upon.

It’s a good idea to keep asking “Why?” you want a specific dream to be realised. And when you get the answer, ask “Why?” again and again to uncover what is really driving you and why. Are these really your dreams? Or is this just what your parents role-modelled for you? Is this really the path to happiness? Or just what you’ve been told will make you happy (or desirable, respected etc) by society and clever social marketing?

Quite often, when I go through this process with my clients, they discover their desires have been conditioned by society or childhood. What they are really looking for is a feeling and they believe that having this car, or that much money, or this success or prestige, or that lifestyle or the perfect man/woman etc…. will somehow give them access to that feeling.

They also tend to believe that if they can’t get the man, car, job, pay-rise etc they won’t be able to have that feeling (of being worthy, happy, respected, valued, vindicated, content, safe etc). This then sets up a very loaded emotional charge around their desire that actually works against them accomplishing their goals. Too much grasping, obsessive, fear-based emotion doesn’t work well when it comes to reality creating. There needs to be some desire, yes, but not fear-based desire, or a hunger that blinds you to the bigger picture of your life and your deeper values.

The best quality intentions that have the best chance of success, are those that are in alignment with your deeper values, your core essence. True happiness comes from intangible things (feelings)… rather than having more things, or more recognition and success. The beauty of using mindfulness meditation in reality creating is that you can actually practise the feeling you are seeking, so that it becomes a new skill, rather than being dependant on external things to deliver that feeling. And the amazing thing is, once you have that feeling, your hunger to pursue it via external means disappears and you relax.

This combination of owning the feeling and relaxing is exactly what then opens your aura up to receiving the very things that will help deliver more of that delicious feeling. You won’t need the new car to feel successful and sexy because you’ve already cultivated this as a mindset, mood or auric feeling-state. The external trappings that you might attract/create from this state then become true reflections of your inner state, rather than compensations for an inner lack… or you might just decide that you don’t need all that stuff to validate or medicate you after all.

Having faith that your higher self is steering your life in directions that are nourishing for you is an approach I love to take. Because then if something my ego-self intended doesn’t happen I can just shrug my shoulders and let go, because I know my higher self has it covered. Either my intention wasn’t right for my higher good, or the timing isn’t right. By gracefully surrendering to my higher will, rather than obsessively trying to push or pull the river of life and shape it according to my oft-deluded ego-will, I can open to the will of Heaven and discover what Spirit wants to bless me with.

Lastly, I’m a great believer in practical action. I have spent too many years as a practitioner groaning inwardly as yet another client says one thing and does another. Are your actions in alignment with your intention? Or are you spending money on lottery tickets rather than investing that money wisely to help you take another small, but very concrete step closer to your dreams? People so often want things now, big things, instantly, without having to do any work to accomplish those dreams. I don’t have any respect for that. If you want something, take practical action to make it happen, don’t just sit on the couch dreaming about it. But first, be very sure that this is what you really want. That shiny new car might make your ego happy (temporarily) but at what cost? A new car in exchange for your freedom, with hefty loan repayments locking you in to working longer hours, having less holidays, and absolutely guaranteeing more stress when unexpected financial pressures come along. Does it really matter that much, the shiny new car? Why do you really want it? What do you imagine it will do for you? Is this desire in alignment with your deeper dreams and your core values?

Blessed Be




Clearing Meditation


Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.

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The Clearing Meditation teaches you how to use creative visualisation to clear your aura by releasing. or letting go of, old congested energy and/or the past. Omanisa takes the listener through a sequence of different clearing techniques, using nature imagery to stimulate aura colours in the aura that have a cleansing action.

Clearing is a form of letting go. As we grow, we develop greater courage to face the unknown and surrender to our journey with faith. Here is a beautiful, poetic blog from Omanisa about having the courage to surrender into faith, drawn from old diary entries.

Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

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Enter through a gateway leading into your inner world and rediscover your your ‘inner nature’. This journey familiarises you with the centre of your sacred inner garden, a meeting place between you and spirit, wher many healing journeys can begin. By learning to stay focsed on imagined sensory information such as imagery, sounds, feelings, sensations, smells and so on, you strengthen your capacity to connect with your spirit helpers. Sanctuary Meditation draws on many classic techniques used by spiritual questers exploring the inner world, such as shape shifting and using natural landscapes as a metaphor for your inner being.

Read this blog featuring a Sanctuary Meditation testimonial from a student, along with troubleshooting responses from Omanisa regarding guided meditation challenges this student faced.

Being carried by the partridge

I had a new animal spirit guide working with me yesterday in the healing room… a partridge! She was so beautiful! She helped restructure the energy lines in my client’s feet chakras and the lower legs, then she stimulated the lung/heart chakra points on the feet and encouraged my client to release from her lungs ‘all that she was carrying on behalf of others’.

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Sunset-Sunrise Pink

Sunset-Sunrise Pink

(also known as Maturity Pink)


This fluorescent pink with warm touches of red and orange, is typical of deep pink shades you will find on clouds during sunset and sunrise. The sun setting at the end of the day and the sun rising at the beginning of a new day remind us of the cyclical nature of life with new beginnings always following endings. In some ways, this card is related to Void Blue, with its connotations of death, chaos, magic and the subconscious realms of night. Sunrise-Sunset provides us with a doorway into and out of the Void of night and the magic of unlimited possibilities. Only when we end something can we truly be set free from Who We Have Been in order to be-come someone new. The new self could be anything, simply because we have been liberated from the defining constraints of the old forms and identities of the old self. In the magic of night, we have been stripped bare and can dance naked under the moonlight in search of new possibilities. Once found, these new possibilities may be donned as new clothing with which to greet the dawning of a new day, a new chapter in ones life. In the light of day, we are seen with our new identity and we become what we wear for a time, until another ending, another sunset liberates us to dance amongst the stars of infinite possibility once more.


So as in the tradition of old, endings are presented by the wisdom of the colour as the opportunity to be set free from the past so you may step forth into a new sense of self. We always have choices when it comes to responding to change. With every change there is loss and these losses are sometimes quite naturally grieved. Sunset-sunrise simply reminds you to raise your head and gaze at the beauty of the sunset because it will remind you of the sunrise soon to come. Sunsets can be so bittersweet, with a sense of loss slipping through your fingers into the unknown, much like the sun sinking into the sea or being swallowed by the twilight landscape. The nighttime of the Void helps us adjust to loss in our own personal ways. Some retreat into sleep or depression, dreaming and numbing their grief with darkness. Some withdraw into the depths of the creative universe within them in search of a new sense of self. Some reach out to kindred stars for the comfort of shared light in darkness, still others hide behind the façade of busy-ness and automated functions, pretending to be ‘awake’ while the light in their soul has blinked out temporarily.


It is natural to have an adjustment period when stepping through gateways from one world into another. We all find our own ways to release the past so that we can accept our present and face the future. Hopefully, the beauty of the sunset will remind you that the coming sunrise will be equally as beautiful. We all go through different chapters, phases and stories in our lives, with each adding new depths to our soul and greater colour to the overall picture of our lives. Have courage to honour change and bless the sun as it goes down, carrying beauty out of your life as it does so. Be thankful for the beauty that passes and understand that beauty comes in many different forms. Sometimes, with sunset-sunrise blessing our aura’s, we need to readjust our ideals our what brings beauty into our lives and what beauty is. Our values usually need to change with the turning of the sun through the themes of our lives. What was a blessing for your old life often ceases to be relevant in the light of a new day. The time between sunset and sunrise is a valuable period of reorientation; a remoulding of self, values and life.


Many people attempt to avoid the setting of the sun and the temporary darkness it brings because they are overly attached to their familiar comfort zones and they are afraid to encounter the great unknown. This colour teaches us not to be afraid of the void (the unknown), because it is a magical place of possibility, adventure, re-creation and imagination. A new future is unfolding behind every sunset, if you will only allow your sense of wonder to be engaged by the mystery. Choose excitement rather than fear.


Traditionally, these times of day have been considered magical. Dusk and dawn are times when the earthly realms open up to the magic of imagination, magical realms and magical beings. Think of sunset and sunrise and doorways into and out of, the Void. The Void is a place of magic, mystery and all possibility, so why should it not engage the imagination and lead you into other realms? These times of day are powerful for magical acts, ceremonies and communion with magical beings and magical places. Sunset is particular useful for releasing the old and for entering into the Void so that you may travel where you will. Surise is useful for intending the new and re-entering the light of day with magical intent drawn from the myriad of possibilities available from the Void.


This is a powerful time for dreaming and dream-recall as the two realms of consciousness and subconscious entwine like lovers before parting.


INVOCATION USES: Primarily, this energy is used to assist you in making the transition from one phase of your life to another. If you are struggling with change and loss, sunset-sunrise can help you adjust with greater ease and grace.

Discontent vs Contentedness


There is something I am confused about:

On the one side people say, you have all you need in are whole and complete. That is my experience as well. I have come so far with this that I have moments where I am happy or see myself totally happy/content/..  , it doesn’t matter what is happening outside of me. After the principle: I am who I am; even if life is not working smoothly for me, I am still the same person, with or without stress, which means I can be happy whenever I decide to. I am whole.

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The observers position in psychic healing

In psychic healing classes, there are three possible positions for the students to be in: the healer, the person receiving healing (client) or the person observing the healing (observer). We learn in each position. Students learn fairly quickly that the observers position can be one of the most valuable and challenging positions to be in.

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