Relationships and happiness

I just got through two paragraphs, reading a blog about relationships, and suddenly realised my husband and I have been together for almost 27 years. “Why are we so happy with each other, so happy together?” my husband asked me earlier today. I shrugged. “We’ve worked on it. Most people don’t.” I sincerely believe relationships are an art that needs to be practised, a skill-set … Continue reading Relationships and happiness

The Cave


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the healing sketches I use in my clinic. Like all the sketches, it has a range of uses, which I am slowly learning over time. I channeled 20 healing sketches through over the space of a week, and now Spirit is showing me how to use them.

Colours, shapes and patterns on their own can have power, because they influence the mindbody via our vision, but sketches can be imbued with intent and vibrational energy. We might not be able to visually see this vibrational energy, but our body can feel it. Think of this vibrational energy as being like a three-dimensional, sacred geometrical or organic pattern. This pattern is absorbed into our aura and from here impacts the mindbody.

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Words of Love

What’s your language of love? Mine is words of praise and my husband knows it, and plays it to his advantage. Clever man. Here’s a husband quote:

“Every time I’m near you I get feelings of pure ecstasy that form naturally in my heart and then shoot through my bloodstream.”

Not only that, he nearly died from happiness after tasting my latest cake and said really nice things about that too.

And I just overheard him saying to his friend: “She’s famous around Australia for her lentil burgers.”

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The Dogs – part 2

Klonar placed his empty teacup on the side table and sat forward in his chair.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going then. Thank you for the tea.”

He began to get to his feet when King Willy uncoiled like a spring from his sleeping position and barked in Klonar’s face. Willy’s voice was deep like rolling thunder and the bark itself was short and clipped, laced with menace and authority. The soundwave hit Klonar like a physical force, pushing him back in his chair.

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The Dreamers – part 1

Maddy and Toby watched via the monitor as Greg led the two students through a meditation in the adjacent room. Maddy marvelled at the way Greg’s voice dropped in tone, volume and pace, enticing his charges into a deeper state. He really did have a gift for this kind of work. Turning her attention back to Toby, she was a little startled by the odd play of emotions fleeting across his face. “Toby. Are you getting distracted again?” He had a quick mind, certainly, but it did have a tendency to leap about rather than staying focused on the task at hand.

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Frangipani Flower essence

Frangipani flower essence is one of my favourites essences for dissolving tension in relationships. It tends to work best if I give it to both people in a relationship conflict. I’ve had really good results giving it to siblings who are at war with one another and also to parents and children who aren’t getting along with each other. It’s particularly appropriate when there are … Continue reading Frangipani Flower essence

The Soul Snatcher

She looked down at Tomas’s broken twisted body and something broke and twisted inside her. she screamed with grief and rage, falling to her knees and scooping his body up in her arms, making him wet with her tears, wishing they were magic life-giving tears, knowing they were not.

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