Father Brown Aura Colour

This is an Aura Colour Profile taken from my book Aura Colour Therapy, hence the aura colour references throughout the blog and the page references at the end of the blog. Aura Colour Therapy is a limited edition, self-published Aura Card and book set I created for my clients and students. For more info, see my books and card page, or contact me.

Father Brown

This rich, red-brown colour is warm and solid, like mahogany wood, or a brick wall warmed by the sun, or the earth beneath your feet. It can loom and seem imposing, but it can also wrap itself around you and make you feel safe.

Father Brown can represent your father and father figures, such as stepfathers, father-in-laws and older males who play a mentoring role for you, all of which I will refer to using the word ‘father’, in this text. When this colour appears in your aura, think about what is happening in your father’s life, how it is affecting you, and how you feel about it. Surrounding colours can provide insight. Younger males are represented by Investment Brown. Grandfathers are represented by Seasoned Red and Conservative Brown.

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