Make-a-wish Mindfulness Meditation

With reality creating, it pays to spend time reflecting mindfully on what it is you are intending to create. This meditation helps you do exactly that, incorporating creative visualisation, story-telling and mindfulness mantras that help you make/feel/see the connection between words, feelings and body sensations.


Feeling is as important (possibly more important) than visualisation and affirmations. Or to phrase this a little differently: visualisation and affirmation without adding feeling (emotion and body-based sensation) is like sitting in a car, forgetting to turn the key and wondering why the car won’t go. The affirmations and visualisations are there to evoke a feeling-state. If like attracts like, emanating a feeling/mood that is in alignment with your intention is a good way to attract that intention to you.

Letting go, or non-attachment to outcomes, is a surprisingly important cornerstone of good reality creating. Desire is a fire that drives you to pursue your dreams (rather than sitting on the couch doing nothing), but once the engine has started, we need to balance desire with surrender and faith. Think of desire as something that reveals your underlying values to you, and focus on these values rather than becoming obsessed with pursuing or possessing whatever your desire has fixated upon.

It’s a good idea to keep asking “Why?” you want a specific dream to be realised. And when you get the answer, ask “Why?” again and again to uncover what is really driving you and why. Are these really your dreams? Or is this just what your parents role-modelled for you? Is this really the path to happiness? Or just what you’ve been told will make you happy (or desirable, respected etc) by society and clever social marketing?

Quite often, when I go through this process with my clients, they discover their desires have been conditioned by society or childhood. What they are really looking for is a feeling and they believe that having this car, or that much money, or this success or prestige, or that lifestyle or the perfect man/woman etc…. will somehow give them access to that feeling.

They also tend to believe that if they can’t get the man, car, job, pay-rise etc they won’t be able to have that feeling (of being worthy, happy, respected, valued, vindicated, content, safe etc). This then sets up a very loaded emotional charge around their desire that actually works against them accomplishing their goals. Too much grasping, obsessive, fear-based emotion doesn’t work well when it comes to reality creating. There needs to be some desire, yes, but not fear-based desire, or a hunger that blinds you to the bigger picture of your life and your deeper values.

The best quality intentions that have the best chance of success, are those that are in alignment with your deeper values, your core essence. True happiness comes from intangible things (feelings)… rather than having more things, or more recognition and success. The beauty of using mindfulness meditation in reality creating is that you can actually practise the feeling you are seeking, so that it becomes a new skill, rather than being dependant on external things to deliver that feeling. And the amazing thing is, once you have that feeling, your hunger to pursue it via external means disappears and you relax.

This combination of owning the feeling and relaxing is exactly what then opens your aura up to receiving the very things that will help deliver more of that delicious feeling. You won’t need the new car to feel successful and sexy because you’ve already cultivated this as a mindset, mood or auric feeling-state. The external trappings that you might attract/create from this state then become true reflections of your inner state, rather than compensations for an inner lack… or you might just decide that you don’t need all that stuff to validate or medicate you after all.

Having faith that your higher self is steering your life in directions that are nourishing for you is an approach I love to take. Because then if something my ego-self intended doesn’t happen I can just shrug my shoulders and let go, because I know my higher self has it covered. Either my intention wasn’t right for my higher good, or the timing isn’t right. By gracefully surrendering to my higher will, rather than obsessively trying to push or pull the river of life and shape it according to my oft-deluded ego-will, I can open to the will of Heaven and discover what Spirit wants to bless me with.

Lastly, I’m a great believer in practical action. I have spent too many years as a practitioner groaning inwardly as yet another client says one thing and does another. Are your actions in alignment with your intention? Or are you spending money on lottery tickets rather than investing that money wisely to help you take another small, but very concrete step closer to your dreams? People so often want things now, big things, instantly, without having to do any work to accomplish those dreams. I don’t have any respect for that. If you want something, take practical action to make it happen, don’t just sit on the couch dreaming about it. But first, be very sure that this is what you really want. That shiny new car might make your ego happy (temporarily) but at what cost? A new car in exchange for your freedom, with hefty loan repayments locking you in to working longer hours, having less holidays, and absolutely guaranteeing more stress when unexpected financial pressures come along. Does it really matter that much, the shiny new car? Why do you really want it? What do you imagine it will do for you? Is this desire in alignment with your deeper dreams and your core values?

Blessed Be




Base Chakra Healing

Red Kurrajong

I just created a quick audio healing meditation for a client with a grumpy base chakra, and thought I might share it here too for others to enjoy. I forgot to set up the mike, so the recording quality isn’t as good as usual, but it will do!

This meditation is helpful for anyone whose base chakra or ‘red energy’ is grumpy, sulking and feeling thwarted due to a sense of being trapped or not having enough freedom/choices.

Red energy loves to move/act/express in a decisive and dynamic manner and if it gets blocked, it can get depressed!

My clients generally use their tailored meditations repeatedly over a period of time. After a while, they end up with a collection of them and know how each one makes them feel, and what each one is good for treating, so they self-prescribe as needed. It’s lovely to be able to come back to an old favourite when symptoms start creeping back in, months or years later.


If you love this, let me know!


Blessings and love,


Healing Meditation : Fan Flower


This is a sketch of a flower fairy I met on my Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia. She belongs to a family of flowers called “fan” or “hand” flowers, because of their unique one-sided shape, but my inner child thinks of her as a “moth” flower, because she looks like a moth when her petals are only half opened.

Here is a snippet from my book….

“The first fan flower greeted me by entering my heart chakra and sweeping it clean like a broom. With every sweep, I could feel it pushing against the inner walls of my heart chakra, making them stretch and expand outwards. My heart-space began to feel larger, as though there were more room inside me for love. I felt like I could love more people and love all of them more than I had ever been able to love anyone before…”. (click here to read more)

Fan flowers open and cleanse your aura, especially your heart chakra. I’ve created a short meditation to help you connect with the spirit of this flower medicine below…

Screenshot 2015-05-22 15.43.29

Click here to hear more guided healing meditations…

An interview with Lola March

This is an interview Omanisa did with Lola in April 2015, as part of a series of practitioner interviews. Lola is an Intuitive Healer and a Meditation Teacher in Darwin, Australia. 

20140802_095818Can you describe what you do?

My work as a healer is very intuitive. When a client comes in during our talk I get a feeling intuitively about the location of their blockages and where the healing session needs to go.

Every client that comes to me, I work with differently. I don’t have a set approach I use with every person. I feel the client’s aura, more so than seeing it. The ‘seeing’ is gradually becoming stronger.

After a short discussion, the session focuses on the chakras or sometimes I ask them to choose an Aura Card and notice if it has any meaning for them. I don’t explain the card to them. The card provides me with insight to the direction of the session. I tell them that they are welcome to look at the written meaning for that colour in the book at the end of the session.

I love working with crystals I have around the room, and feel intuitively guided to place them on the client’s body in specific locations during the session.20150430_084703

I’ve heard that you teach meditation?

I facilitate meditation on Thursday evenings at Lotus Heart Health, this is an intense breathing technique. It has been developed based on my learnings in Bali and my own experiences. It’s a colour breathing technique designed to open and balance the chakras. Each person is given a healing and blessing. Sometimes Aura Cards are used during the meditation.

Other meditation styles I facilitate include gentle breathing techniques, creative visualisation and I’m currently working on a Goddess Mediation. During these sessions I guide them through a grounding process and connect them with Mother Earth. These meditations are excellent for people who are stressed and suffer from illnesses. These sessions are held at NT Lifestyle Studios.

Will you tell me a bit more about your own healing journey and how you became a healer?

Essentially, my healing journey began with me working on myself. I have been on my own healing journey for at least fifteen years, but in the meantime, I had people coming to me, telling me their problems. I used to feel as though I was taking on their problems. The other person would seem happy the next day but I would feel terrible! Eventually I learned, from extensive reading and research, that I’m an empath and need to set better boundaries.

I’ve had some very difficult challenges in my life. I suffered childhood abuse, have lived on the streets and in refuges, I’ve had a near-death experiences and have been in abusive relationships until now. In addition, I have seen the other side, having everything money can buy, cars, clothes, world travelling and none of it made me happy.

I had to stand back and learn to take stock of my journey, to ask myself why these things were happening and how I could learn and grow from them.

It wasn’t until the end of my last marriage and finishing university that I said ‘What next?” I decided to throw caution to the wind and travel. I put everything in storage and backpacked with an NGO to remote villages in Indonesia. That really opened my eyes and appreciate life even more. I saw people who work hard just to get clean water. It really puts life into perspective. All that other stuff was just stuff!

After six weeks of doing that I decided to travel on my own and backpacked through various parts of Indonesia , for a couple of weeks. I loved it! It was crazy, but so empowering. It really helped me trust myself and my own judgment. The eruption of a volcano forced me to move to Bali and lived in Ubud for a year. I made beautiful connections with spiritual people, learning so much about myself and meditation. I was adopted by a Balinese family and lived with them for a while. They honoured me and included me in their special ceremonies.20140521_083646

After this experience I really started putting all the pieces together. I went on a silent retreat in Bali and was amazed to overcome the mental chatter and find my real self underneath. I found my direction and began my healing journey.

Getting sick in Bali was a sign I needed to return home. When I came back, I starting doing healings for people and getting wonderful results, so I began working professionally. But socially, I felt a bit lonely and disconnected. I’m such a social butterfly, so I started arranging dinners where I could meet other people and connect with them. I love networking!

This has evolved into a word-of-mouth Introduction business. A number of single people come to me thinking they need a relationship, however when I scan them intuitively, I find myself saying “You need a relationship with yourself”. So many people think they need a relationship to fill a gap or to make them feel happy. These people need healing; they need to learn to love themselves first, before they can find love.

What do you love the most about your healing work?

I love the fact that I can facilitate this beautiful growth. I love watching people blossom. It fulfils me so much. They come with a dark cloud and then they grow spiritually and emotionally.. Some of these people have physical pain and the sessions aid them in relieving pain and promoting the healing process. The more people understand themselves and the path to happiness, the more beautiful our world will become. I believe ‘Wellness Begins Within’, this is my motto.

My clients are mostly from word of mouth, they experience a wonderful change in their life and they tell their family and friends. They want them to experience the same wonderful changes.

20140702_090452Do you have a vision for the future?

I would really like to be able to help adult survivors of childhood abuse. I’ve been through it myself and I know it’s a lifetime’s work of healing. I want to help people release themselves from the burden of the painful emotions they have locked inside them. I want to help break the cycles that run through generations.

My main goal and ambition is to run workshops for people who come to me and are at a point where they are ready to open up and explore. I am not about convincing anyone they ‘should’, as everyone has their own journey and some people feel safer walking with blinkers on and it is not my place to interfere or divert them. By bringing awareness to those who are ready, I can make a positive difference. When people see others tackling issues and moving forward, they may then want to try it themselves.

If you would like to work with Lola, or make enquiries about her services, please contact her on 0422687717 or email her on Here is a link to her Facebook page: Lola March Wellness

Tree Dryad – Healing Meditation


Tree dryads are tree spirits. They can be male or female, young or old. For the most part, they are shy, and rarely seen by humans. This tree dryad specialises in healing loneliness, abandonment and rejection wounds in the inner child, and she asked me to channel this healing through for you. Prints of Omanisa’s artwork are available for purchase on request.

2015-04-19 12.32.17

Clearing Meditation


Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.

2015-04-19 12.34.23

The Clearing Meditation teaches you how to use creative visualisation to clear your aura by releasing. or letting go of, old congested energy and/or the past. Omanisa takes the listener through a sequence of different clearing techniques, using nature imagery to stimulate aura colours in the aura that have a cleansing action.

Clearing is a form of letting go. As we grow, we develop greater courage to face the unknown and surrender to our journey with faith. Here is a beautiful, poetic blog from Omanisa about having the courage to surrender into faith, drawn from old diary entries.

Rainbow Chakra Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.

cropped-centred-balanced-chakra.jpg Learn the positions and colours of the traditional rainbow chakra system in this guided self-care meditation.

This meditation guides you through the process of balancing your chakras with colour-breathing and creative visualisation. You don’t have to see clear pictures in your mind for this to be effective. Creative visualisation is actually a multi-sensory experience, a combination of imagery, feeling, sound, thought and so on. In much the same way that we experience the sensory richness of story while reading a fictional book, your task is simply to stay focused on the story being told by engaging your imagination. This meditation will come to life with practise, and you will start to notice that some colours are easier to imagine than others. These are the chakras that are healthy! If a colour is more difficult to imagine, or you find yourself becoming easily distracted and unable to focus on that colour, it may be because this chakra is blocked. Continued colour-breathing practise will gradually unblock these chakras.

Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.

photo-53 copy 2


The meditation teaches various grounding techniques using creative visualisation or magical intent. Grounding is a valuable technique to learn if you tend to be too floaty, spacey, vague, easily distracted, speedy or clumsy. As the counterpoint to (or anchor for) the altered state of mind accessed during healing and psychic work, grounding is a particularly important self-care skill for healers and psychics to learn.

If you would like to learn more about Grounding, have a look at these pages and blogs:

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Spirit guide helping with grounding

Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

2015-04-19 12.34.29

Enter through a gateway leading into your inner world and rediscover your your ‘inner nature’. This journey familiarises you with the centre of your sacred inner garden, a meeting place between you and spirit, wher many healing journeys can begin. By learning to stay focsed on imagined sensory information such as imagery, sounds, feelings, sensations, smells and so on, you strengthen your capacity to connect with your spirit helpers. Sanctuary Meditation draws on many classic techniques used by spiritual questers exploring the inner world, such as shape shifting and using natural landscapes as a metaphor for your inner being.

Read this blog featuring a Sanctuary Meditation testimonial from a student, along with troubleshooting responses from Omanisa regarding guided meditation challenges this student faced.