Cow Spirit Medicine

Cow is one of my animal spirit allies, along with spider, dingo, butterfly and so many other beautiful animal spirits who enrich my life in so many ways.

Here is a message from Cow, about her spirit medicine. If you need help with any of the things she is talking about, call on her, she will help you:

cow sketch“I am the sacred mother. The parent-child bond is sacred to me. I foster and strengthen the love between parent and child, by helping people resolve their childhood wounds and parental disconnection, so that they may have healthier relationships with their own children.

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The ‘Washer Woman’ spirit guide


The rich world of mythological characterisation and story-telling in spiritual and psychic healing/counselling is a playful, creative and effective tool best utilised by clients who are intelligent abstract thinkers able to discern the difference between symbolism/metaphor and literal fact. These clients embrace story-telling in the spirit it is meant, suspending disbelief long enough for the subconscious to make good use of the material, without taking anything too seriously or losing their grounded connection with consensus reality.  Continue reading