An Interview with Lisa Riemann

This is an interview Omanisa did with Lisa in May 2015, as part of a series of practitioner interviews. Lisa Riemann is a spiritual chiropractor and healer in Campbelltown, NSW.   I’ve been out of touch with you for a while! Can you give me an update on what’s happening with your business practice? I work from home. I brought the practice home when I was … Continue reading An Interview with Lisa Riemann

Cow Spirit Medicine

Cow is one of my animal spirit allies, along with spider, dingo, butterfly and so many other beautiful animal spirits who enrich my life in so many ways.

Here is a message from Cow, about her spirit medicine. If you need help with any of the things she is talking about, call on her, she will help you:

cow sketch“I am the sacred mother. The parent-child bond is sacred to me. I foster and strengthen the love between parent and child, by helping people resolve their childhood wounds and parental disconnection, so that they may have healthier relationships with their own children.

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Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

I’ll always remember an aura reading I did many years ago. I was sketching a young lady’s aura. I don’t remember her name now but lets call her Anna. Anna’s aura was sprinkled with orange and sparkles of silver, the pregnancy colours. I also had a psychic vision of Gaia hovering above Anna in the spirit guide position. I could see this Mother Earth Goddess … Continue reading Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

Sample Aura Card Reading

Possible interpretations for

Misfit Orange above the head (Crown Chakra position)

The major theme in this reading could be:

*Feeling misunderstood or not fitting in.

*Being rebellious in order to be your own person

*Refusing to conform to social expectations

*Not feeling accepted by others

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