Believing without believing

A lot of the psychic work I do as a counsellor and healer is pulled off via a little trick called ‘believing without believing’ or ‘suspending disbelief’.

When I stitch up a rip in a clients aura, there is nothing solid under my hands at all, and I see nothing with my physical eyes. The rip exists in my imagination. So does the stitching. And yet, the more focus of intent and power of belief I can bring to this pantomimed act, the more powerful it is.

When I am experiencing a client’s ‘past life’, it can feel like a waking dream, griping with it’s intensity and powerful enough to move me to tears. When I talk with a spirit guide, I’m talking to air, my eyes tracking through empty space. What is ‘real’? In that moment, the spirit I can engaged with can seem almost as real as the client I am reading for, because I am suspending disbelief and allowing my vivid imagination to build a character rich with multi-sensory detail.

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Interesting day.

Today I was confronted in so many ways. For the most part I kept my centre. Here are some of the deep things I explored with other people, throughout the day, in various ways:

The impact of large scale mining operations on the functioning of local businesses… who benefits, who doesn’t; who thrives, who goes under. It was fascinating to hear about the ripple effects throughout the community and the sometimes questionable practises of businesses attempting to make a profit from the situation.

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Your Personal word for God

 What do I personally mean when I say God? For me, God is a Oneness or Wholeness, with everyone and everything being connected and made out of the same ‘stuff’. I also think of God as being Life, Love, Spirit and Energy and I’ve recently decided the word GOD is short for Grand Overall Design. A friend of mine see it differently, saying the word GOD is DOG spelled backwards. He really loves his dog and after all, dogs are the epitome of unconditional love, loyalty and forgiveness: all very God-like qualities!


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