Food Spirit Medicine

As a healer, I work with spirit guides and spiritual energies from many parts of nature, and with my love for food-as-medicine and my background as a naturopath, I have a special affinity for food spirit medicine.

What is food spirit medicine?

Food spirit medicine is the spiritual healing energy of plants we consume as food. Foods don’t just have a mechanical and chemical impact on the body, they have a spiritual healing effect on the aura or energy field. We don’t have to eat these foods to access the healing from a food, however. In just the same way that we can call on an angel to protect us, or the spirit of a mountain or a tree to ground us and lend us strength, we can call on the spirit of a food to bring us healing medicine. Continue reading “Food Spirit Medicine”

Honey Grevillea

IMG_2475 (The following is from my book ‘Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia’):

The next community that enchanted me was Warumpi (Papunya), where I was excited to see street signs that bore the names of some of my favourite artists, such as Tim Leura, who I knew as a child. When my great uncle Peter was working as a teacher in Warumpi, fellow art teacher Geoff Barden, with the help of an amazing man named Kaapa, was helping the local Aboriginal men transfer their traditional sand paintings on to board and canvas. This was the beginning of the Western Desert Aboriginal art movement.

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RED KURRAJONG – Flower essence

Brachiciton paradoxum


Description- Flowers grow directly from branches of small straggly tree after all leaves have dropped. Red, bell-shaped in clusters on very short stalks in old leaf axils. Flowers Jun-Oct.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Exasperation. Frustration. Impatience. Easy pushed off centre. Reactive. Taking things on, taking it personally, getting too involved. Being offended, getting angry or upset about other people, situations. Feeling harassed and set upon. Conflict. Impasse. Tendency to give up and blame the ‘other’ or take over responsibility for the situation completely. Loosing sight of the bigger picture. Competing with team members. Wanting to run away.

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