Silver threads stretch beneath Dewdrops basking in moonlight dancing Rainbow-sprites laughing… Here in my heart Silkwoven paths spanning chasms lighting patterns Here…. in a void of stars Pearl droplets spun of loves sweet milk In flowing steams that ripple still A river of stars course through my heart And burst free to soar in cascading sparks Sweet I melt into the sound of StarFire caressing naked ground Falling … Continue reading StarFire

The Mountain Awakens Me

  Wisdom from the Mountain (Wildflower Spirit Journey through Kakadu):   “Keep a steady pace Don’t hesitate to stride forth And push through The pain will fall away if you ignore it And just keep climbing One foot in front of the other Each placement of hand and foot A work of art, poetry in motion The sheer joy of being alive When any moment … Continue reading The Mountain Awakens Me

She’s just a cow

Passing by the field alongside the fence Walking free in the sunshine Butterflies flutter by as my love awaits A cow watches me from her side of the gate Our eyes connect and I look away So rude of her to stare In that over-curious way But I can’t resist looking again There’s something in her eyes Calling me a friend Our gazes lock, transfixed… She tilts her head and comes closer … Continue reading She’s just a cow

Spirit writing, 9th March 2001

At the moment I am going through all my old diaries. I am using some of the material held within them to write an autobiography of sorts- a collection of poems, channelled writings and conversations with spirit. Some, like the sample following, seems to be a mix of all three! Channelled writing, from my perspective, is writing that flows, or writing that pours out from you when you are ‘in the flow’. Or perhaps, another term for it might be ‘inspired writing’. Here is a sample I found in one of my diaries dated 9th March 2001. 

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