Guidelines for a good aura reading

I’m currently editing the ‘big book’, Aura Colour Therapy, and thought I’d share this page, posted below. Also, I’ve decided to offer two versions of the Aura Sketch and Reading, so keep your eyes open for a blog about that… I’ll make sure I let everyone know when I update the Aura Sketching page, to keep you in the loop! A good reading should validate … Continue reading Guidelines for a good aura reading

Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

I’ll always remember an aura reading I did many years ago. I was sketching a young lady’s aura. I don’t remember her name now but lets call her Anna. Anna’s aura was sprinkled with orange and sparkles of silver, the pregnancy colours. I also had a psychic vision of Gaia hovering above Anna in the spirit guide position. I could see this Mother Earth Goddess … Continue reading Pregnancy and Mother Gaia

Psychic Readings

When I first began channelling healing energy as a Reiki healer, I could see the healing energy as streams of flowing, multi-coloured light. My spirit guides taught me how to read the aura and how to direct healing energy with my psychic mind so I could conduct healing from a distance for family and loved ones who lived elsewhere. Afterwards, I would draw the healing for my loved one, so they could see the colours I had channelled into their aura.

After a year of this work, my Reiki healing teacher asked me if I would like to have a stall at the local Health and Healing Expo. “Yes!” I said, “But I want to do aura sketches rather than healing. I’ve noticed that the healing sketches I’m doing for my family look like aura sketches.”


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My Rainbow Journey

Many years ago I made a rare visit to a psychic for a wonderful reading that still seems relevant to my life in so many ways. I remember her saying “You are studying a degree in order to attain qualifications after your name so you will be taken seriously, but your real training is being provided by your spirit guides”. At the time of the reading I was studying naturopathy and I had no idea I would be working alongside this lady six months later doing my own readings for people.

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Aura Colour Sample Reading

For those of you with a card and book set, here’s a sample reading using a random selection of cards:

Crown: Idealistic Pink

Brow: Conservative Brown

Throat: Honour Blue

Heart: Watchful Blue

Solar Pleus: Firedancer Red

Sacral: Healing Green

Base: Impatience Red

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Reading aura colours around the hands

When I sketch the aura, I use a full-body sketching format, rather than just the head and shoulders. This is a bit like pulling a seven card tarot layout, where each position in the layout has a different meaning, rather than choosing just one card and having no layout pattern at all. By using different body areas to represent different parts of a person’s life, I can cross-reference colours with positions for greater accuracy, just as the tarot reader cross-references tarot cards with positions in the tarot spread.

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