Red Colours in your Aura

Perceiving aura colours with psychic perception is a inner experience, like seeing an image in your mind, or feelings in your body. When I ‘see’ a red frequency like Strength Red I feel strong and powerful in my body, my base chakra tingles, my legs feel strong and I feel warm, energised, relaxed and confident. I might have visual images flash through my mind that accompany these … Continue reading Red Colours in your Aura

Psychic self-protection and boundaries

How do I care for my psychic space, in terms of keeping it clear and clean and protected from low frequency energy in the world around me? And why won’t you ever hear me using the term psychic attack?

I’ll answer the last question first….

Just the phrase itself, “psychic attack” will light up areas of your brain to do with feeling threatened, and change your behaviour in ways that emphasise your perception of feeling separate from others in negative ways. Just reading the word ‘attack’ will press your limbic buttons, shut down the parts of your brain that help you control anger and fear (the anterior cingulate and striatum) and put your amygdala on the alert, generating a fight or flight response that spreads throughout your entire body.

What’s wrong with this? Well, if there is any actual attack, I’d say this it is. We attack and corrode our own health on all levels when we become stressed in this manner, especially when the stress is chronic and habitual, which definitely happens with people who tend to be on the alert for psychic attack.

If you aren’t much interested in neuroscience, let me explain the same phenomenon from my perspective as an aura reader and healer. As soon as you decide that your existing boundaries aren’t strong enough to protect you from the ill-wishing and psychic negativity of a persecutor, you give your power away and your auric frequency drops. Whether the psychic attack is real or not, the end outcome is the same, because when your frequency drops, your energy levels drop, your mental clarity disappears, your thinking becomes negative, your emotions become fragile and/or erratic, and you may feel unwell. If you were ever going to vulnerable to the negative energy of another person or situation, it’s when your frequency drops, but really, you are doing their job for them by poisoning yourself with negative thoughts, beliefs and stories. Continue reading “Psychic self-protection and boundaries”

Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

SENSITIVITY Colour/s: Soft wispy pale blue Image/s: An aura with no boundaries PERSONALITY & EMOTIONS Weepy. Emotionally volatile/erratic/raw. Over-sensitive emotionally. Empathic. Artistic. Psychic. Heightened senses. Chameleon-like. Self-conscious. ATTITUDES & BELIEFS I am completely open to the world around me. Your feeling/opinion is my feeling/opinion. SITUATIONS Hormone imbalances. Lack of sleep. Losing yourself in others. Stress. After-effects of trauma. Nutrient deficiencies. Worrying too much about what … Continue reading Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

Projecting un-owned material

Here is another question from a student, although I don’t think there is much I can add! She has it all worked out already and has expressed it beautifully:

If I have a ‘conflict’ with s.o. , I believe that the other person just represents a part in myself with which I am in conflict. Because I am not owning it, I project it outside of myself. Now, is it the same with inner parts as well?

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Understanding Inner Selves

Student question:

“I am working more and more with inner energies. I am confused here. For example, I had contact with the inner child who was feeling upset because of the belief systems of others. Well, I am pretty sure, these beliefs are in myself too. Is it possible to make contact in a healing with just a belief system? Working with feelings is easier. Often I’m just working with a feeling, but sometimes there seems to be more behind it, like an inner child, but I know when this is the case because ‘she’ appears or I just ‘know’.

With which types of inner energies can you make contact? And how do you recognize them? What is the difference between an inner child and an inner self? Or if I discover hidden potentials….is there some ‘self’ or ‘inner child’ behind it? I had a few occasions now, where I can feel something more than just an emotion, but no inner child appears. Is it possible to ‘feel’ a part of my adult self? Sorry, for being a bit confusing here, but i am lost…:)”

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Bridging, or reconnecting, in healing.

In our healing classes this month, the students and I are exploring the concept of bridging. Bridging, or reconnecting, is a common tool we all use as healers, even if we have different names for it.

Bridging is about restoring wholeness by healing divisions or disconnections between one part of the wholeness and another.

As healers, we meditate, bringing opposed energies together in a harmonious way. We bridge gaps, completing energetic circuits and restoring flow. We identify conflicting values/perspectives held by our clients, and we help these aspects of self work together cooperatively rather than fighting against one another. An ‘aspect of self’ might be an intangible value/perspective, but because everything is connected, it also has an embodied or physical expression. To bridge a logic/intuition or mind/heart split, for example, a healer might place one hand on the client’s heart and the other on their head, or one hand on their solar plexus chakra and the other on their heart chakra.

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The Cave


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the healing sketches I use in my clinic. Like all the sketches, it has a range of uses, which I am slowly learning over time. I channeled 20 healing sketches through over the space of a week, and now Spirit is showing me how to use them.

Colours, shapes and patterns on their own can have power, because they influence the mindbody via our vision, but sketches can be imbued with intent and vibrational energy. We might not be able to visually see this vibrational energy, but our body can feel it. Think of this vibrational energy as being like a three-dimensional, sacred geometrical or organic pattern. This pattern is absorbed into our aura and from here impacts the mindbody.

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Creative projects

This blog is like a dear diary stocktake. I have so many different projects happening at the moment that I feel like I need to list them to remind myself what they all are, just in case one slips down the rabbit hole. I love having lots of different projects happening at the same time because it means I can float at whim between them.

I’m creating an On-line Distance Course for people who want to read and heal the aura. This is level 1 and I have a handful of lovely students supporting me with this, giving me feedback and encouragement. Level 1 has 8 units and I’m currently writing unit 4, but I am lagging. I was hoping to have this everything done before I leave to go overseas, but other projects are snavelling my attention. What I’ve loved about creating this course is that it opened my world up to video as a form of tutorial. One of my students has asked me to create a mail-out version of the course though, because downloading isn’t something she can get her head around. That will be fun! But it could take a while. One of my other students said: “I NEVER realized that the psychic ability is so closely linked to imagination. That was a big revelation for me! Thank you!”

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