Intuition Purple : position meanings

Intuition Purple COLOUR POSITIONS   Above Head – Your spiritual guidance is helping you strengthen your intuition about events, situations and people in the future, past or present moment. Intuition comes in all shapes and sizes. Clarivoyance will give you intuitive mental images. Clairaudience will give you intuitive mental thoughts, words, songs or phrases. Clairsentience will give you empathetic feelings, sensations and emotions. Claircognisance will … Continue reading Intuition Purple : position meanings

The Blame Aura : muddy brown and red streaked orange

This colour appears in the aura when we habitually either take or too much responsibility or don’t take any at all. In the first instance we are blaming ourselves or taking all the blame. This can take many forms: *Some will be dignified, proud and very much at the mercy of their own high standards. These people tend to have royal blue, dark green colours and salmon … Continue reading The Blame Aura : muddy brown and red streaked orange

Lemon Yellow (Clarity)

Clarity Yellow Colour Visual: Crisp lemon yellow, like lemons, daffodils or dawn sunlight. Visual Metaphors: Sunlight at dawn, sunlight in winter, sunlight sparkling on water Aura Consistency: Light, clear, airy, mildly warm, dispersing. (feels like a soft beam of sunlight) Feeling State: Efficient, streamlined, clear-minded, awake, alert, astute. Smell and Taste: Fresh, clean, sharp, sour, astringent, tart, bright. Therapeutic Actions Cleansing, clarifying, astringent, nervous system … Continue reading Lemon Yellow (Clarity)

Reading the Aura

Over the years, the style of sketching in terms of layout, detail and artwork has undergone many transformations. Spirit has put me through rigorous ‘colour’ training. In the first few years, the sketches contained a lot of abstract art revealing hidden images of numbers, wings, landscapes and animals that suddenly would leap out at you, when you looked from the correct perspective.   I remember a … Continue reading Reading the Aura

Questions about reading the aura

Common Questions   Q: When you draw an aura you use lots of different colours? Why? I thought an aura was only one colour? A: There might be one dominant colour that stands out, but the aura is full of many colours! Some aura colours reflect your personality, others reflect transient moods and experiences, your environment and the influence of people around you.   Q: … Continue reading Questions about reading the aura

Abundance Green Aura Colour

This article has been written with love for people who own a deck of Om’s Aura Cards. The capitalised words in italics refer to specific aura cards/colours. 


abundance green

Colour description:

Sparkling luminescent green

Keywords and image/s:

Butterfly wings, kingfisher feathers, openness, friendship, abundance, honesty, luck, wealth, flow, adaptability, positivity, optimism, opportunity, money, blessings.

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White in the aura


Colour perception:

White is all the rainbow colours have merged together as one. As a metaphor for collective wholeness, White can be thought of as our greater spiritual or quantum physics reality, where all of life is interconnected and made out of the same ‘stuff’. Stated in aura terms, White is the collective energy field from which all individual colours (energy frequencies) emerge and return to.

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Silver in the aura


Colour Perception:

With incredible versatility and malleability, Silver takes on an enormous range of forms which are particularly useful to the psychic healer. Visually, silver can be elusive, tending to flash in and out of vision very quickly, like moonlight sparkling on water or lightning bolts crackling through the sky. To get the general feel for silver, think of moonbeams, twinkling stars, fairy dust, swords, scissors, needles, laser light, silver thread and silver coins. Some of these visual metaphors seem soft and magical; others seem sharp, fast and cutting. Silver, of course, is both.

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