Firedancer Red

Firedancer Red is a vibrant crimson.

Troubleshooting for people with Aura Cards

If you have a deck of Aura Cards and you find this colour a challenge to read, this section is for you!

This generally isn’t an easy colour to talk about with most people. Generally, if I sense a client is unable to explore sexual issues and/or power issues with me, I simply glide over the top of it and don’t delve too deep. There’s no point in pushing up against boundaries that won’t budge, or offending someone, and I have great respect for the privacy of others.

If a client is comfortable talking about their sex lives, this card can be a fantastic ice-breaker to get the conversation rolling. If not, (or if you have drawn this card for yourself and you can’t relate to the sexual side of it) you might like to explore the following:

*Kundalini energy: We have a potent sleeping energy at the base of our spine that awakens and rises up the spine, through the chakras, as we awaken and grow spiritually. Research, discuss, explore…. what is kundalini energy, and what does it mean to you? Visualise a red fire of light rising gently and slowly from your base chakra, winding its way upwards along your spine and slowly, carefully, gently awakening each energy centre as it rises. “I am balanced in the expression of my fire” is a useful mantra to use with this visualisation.

*Breaking rules and not being a people pleaser anymore. Explore issues to do with rules, breaking rules, individuality, approval from others, rebellion, and so on

*Teenagers, issues from your teenage years and your inner teenager. The card itself can represent any of these three.

*Taking risks. This colour¬†will generally encourage us to take pretty crazy risks. If you tend to play it overly safe and stay in your comfort zones, this could be a good thing! But it’s worth exploring any tendency to leap before you look.

*Short-term gratification. This colour stimulates our desire for short-term gratification and dampens down our ability to honour our long term, deeper values. Are you compromising your deeper values for a quick fix or a brief flash of pleasure? What might you be risking?

*Frustration. In many people, this colour is blocked, or being held back. Think of it as primal, base-chaklra passion. It wants power and pleasure and uninhibited self-expression. We usually hold back on that because it isn’t socially acceptable to express, or because we have conflicting values….. consider what the costs are when it comes to self-control and ask yourself if their is a safe/safer way to acknowledge your fire and get your base needs met without hurting anyone or violating your deeper values.¬† Continue reading “Firedancer Red”

A growing passion for simplicity

IMG_7322A feeling has been building in me over this past year, a new mood that has been changing the way I live, the way I move through each day. I remember it began about this time last year and now it is resurfacing again with a fierceness that is moving me deeply and at times leaving me at a loss for words.

Every year, sometime between christmas and new year, my sister and I and whoever else happens to be around and interested, sit down together and do some Big Dreaming together. We write what my sister and I call ‘wish capsules’. Usually this involves reflecting on the lessons learned, the personal self-change and the goals achieved over the past year, then thinking about what we might like to create for the year to come.

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Utopia Gone Mad- part 1

After the police took him away, we waited longer, trying to stay put as long as possible before emerging. It had been a long wait already and once one of us cracked and decided to come out of hiding, there wasn’t much point the rest of us staying hidden. It was cramped, the air was stale and our nerves were on edge, our muscles quivering … Continue reading Utopia Gone Mad- part 1