Red Colours in your Aura

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerceiving aura colours with psychic perception is a inner experience, like seeing an image in your mind, or feelings in your body. When I ‘see’ a red frequency like Strength Red I feel strong and powerful in my body, my base chakra tingles, my legs feel strong and I feel warm, energised, relaxed and confident. I might have visual images flash through my mind that accompany these feelings, but even if I don’t, I’m still going to know this is Strength Red, because I recognise the feeling. With empathy (clairsentience) as my primary psychic strength, I ‘see’ aura colours with my feelings and my body.

Strength Red is but one of many red colours I might see/feel while reading and healing the aura, and each different shade tells me a story about how a person feels, how they think, their habitual or current emotional state, their physical health and the things they might be experiencing in their lives. As a healer and spiritual counsellor, I’m teaching my clients how to recognise imbalances in their colours (chakras) and how to restore and maintain balance.

Even without psychic perception, it’s possible to recognise when a particular chakra or aura colour can become unbalanced. (note: I will occasionally refer to red energy as ‘fire energy’ or fire throughout this blog!)


When there is too much red in the aura, this can be because the base chakra is overdeveloped at the expense of other chakras and ‘hogging all the light’ so to speak. In a way, you could say the person is over-focused on base chakra issues, or base chakra issues are consuming their attention.For example, you might be overly fixated on winning and being competitive at that expensive of other values like friendship, or you might be so concerned about material wealth and image that you are neglecting or betraying other parts of yourself, such as your creativity or spirituality. Fixations of being right or having more and more power, sex, and independence are other examples of red in overdrive. Hyperactivity is another. Treatment can be a combination of learning how to be still and content with what you have (e.g. meditation, minimalism), nourishing and tending to other parts of you (e.g. heart, spirit) and learning how to focus and channel all that fire and passion into constructive projects that enhance your life and the lives of those around you in beautiful ways.

Excess red can also occur when we are having trouble processing, storing, expressing and /or discharging red energy, feelings, thoughts and experiences. For example, you might have trouble coping with anger within yourself and other people, tending to shy away from conflict and honest expression of feelings and opinions. You might have mixed feelings about sex, or perhaps you have trouble owning and expressing your personal power because you don’t feel to attract attention and come across as a threat to others. Just because the red energy isn’t being expressed doesn’t mean it isn’t there. When red energy isn’t expressed, discharged or stored in healthy ways, it can build up, creating tension, frustration and stress. In these instances, the red energy might leak out (e.g. passive anger), explode (sudden temper tantrums), or congeal like clotted blood (resentment). Learning how to be comfortable with fire energy by befriending it instead of making it bad/wrong can help. Martial arts is an example of a therapy that can teach you safe discharge and storage techniques (eh gathering chi and storing it in power centres), while assertiveness and/or conflict resolution classes can teach effective ways to process and express our fire in balanced ways.


If you repress your red energy for long enough, it can diminish. Like a fire that has been smothered, your inner flames die out and you are left with grey ashes. Grey is the main colour I often find in the aura when there is a lack of red. A lack of red energy can also be indicated when there is an excess of cool colours in the aura like greens and blues, but these usually represent a less extreme deadening of our inner fire. Grey in the aura gives us a classic insight into a lack of red energy, and the feeling of being oppressed, depressed, trapped, uninspired, bored, hopeless, powerless, and so on. With no red energy igniting our chakra system from below, like a flame of fuel snaking its way upwards from our base chakra, we lack drive, passion, direction and determination. To reignite our inner fire we may need to grieve our losses, acknowledging where, when and how we gave our power away, and work on reclaiming it. We might need to actively get more physical, heal our sexual selves, learn how to speak up or be real with ourselves about what we really want.

Some people have personalities that are naturally a little quieter and more reserved, and these people may have less fire and passion, less red energy, but this usually only becomes a problem if the imbalance becomes extreme. We all have unique aura’s and personalities after all! Some of us are naturally more red and simply need to find health ways to engage and channel this energy, while others can be perfectly content and balanced with the odd sparkle or flash of red passion and fire, here and there, from time to time. It helps to accept and honour who you are while also looking for opportunities to stretch yourself out of comfort zones and grow, and in the case of red energy, this might simply mean taking the odd risk here and there, being more physically active or asking yourself what you passions are and pursuing them more actively.




Anger – Neuroscience and the Aura

I love exploring emotions from both a neurological perspective and a philosophical one. Here’s some fantastic writing from Newberg and Waldman (How God Changes your Brain), about anger:

“Anger makes people indiscriminately punitive, blameful, pessimistic and unilaterally careless in their logic and reasoning skills. Furthermore, anger encourages your brain to defend your beliefs- be they right or wrong- and when this happens, you’ll be more likely to feel prejudice towards others. You’ll inaccurately perceive anger in other people’s faces, and this will increase your own distrust and fear. It’s an insidious process that feeds on itself, and it can influence your behaviour for very long periods of time, Eventually, it will even damage important structures in our brain.

Nor is it good for your heart. Regardless of your age, gender or ethnicity – anger, cynicism, hostility, and defensiveness will increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular problems. What makes anger particularly dangerous is that it blinds you to the fact that you are even angry; thus it gives you a false sense of certainty, confidence and optimism,”

This inspires so many thoughts for me!

The last point in particular, about anger making us feel certain, confident and optimistic might sound strange, but I have noticed that people use anger to protect themselves from depression, sadness and feelings of disempowerment. As a therapist, I’m often working towards helping people lift up their anger and take a look underneath, because it’s usually an offensive defence used to shield feelings of vulnerability.  Continue reading

Creative Red

This is from Om’s book “Aura Colour Therapy”

Creative Red is a rich, luscious pink-tinged red, full of vibrancy and sparkle. It has a sweet, slightly tart taste, kind of like the feeling of something delicious melting and exploding in your mouth all at once. Red raspberries with icecream is my latest favourite taste-based version of this colour!

This is always an exciting colour to see in the aura, because it represents dynamic change, with a resurgence in energy levels and renewed passion for life. Positive changes that we hoped for or would welcome, are occurring or about to occur.

Putting the spring back in our step, the magic back in our touch and the sparkle back in our eyes, Creative Red makes us feel so wonderfully alive! With the magical power of our creative energy rising up from within us to flow out through our hands, voice and actions, we bounce out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and we sleep deeply each night, contentedly exhausted from a delightfully satisfying day of work and play.

The resilience and bounce in this colour helps us take difficulties in our stride, switching gears smoothly without missing a beat. By enhancing our creative problem-solving skills, Creative Red empowers us. No longer content to hang back tentatively or give up and play the victim, we grapple playfully with life’s challenges, feeling liberated and free because we know we have choices and the creative power to shape our own experience of reality.

This colour is a godsend for anyone suffering from creative block or burnout. Often appearing in the aura after resolving a stuck, exhausted or burned-out state featuring depression and a loss of motivation or direction, Creative Red heralds a reawakening of one’s inner fire after it has been dead or smouldering for a while. A sure sign of recovery from grey colours such as Depression Grey, Creative Red often follows on from Courage Orange, with little orange sparks amongst grey ashes suddenly burning red and flaming upwards to invigorate the aura.

In order to re-ignite the fire hidden under the ashes, we need rest, recovery, recuperation and recreation. If we do not rest, we burn out. If we burn out, we can no longer produce with the same enthusiasm, quality and authenticity; nor with the same joy. Taking a rest from activities that have drained us is imperative if we are to refill the empty creative well within. By stopping regularly to recharge our batteries, we provide ourselves with nourishing input so we can sustain dynamic output.

Regular holidays, changes of scene and time out are essential to ensure this colour does not get bored and begin to wane. Think of this colour as being like a fire that needs oxygen to survive and thrive. Spend some time considering what your personal oxygen might be. What do you need in order to feel stimulated, inspired, ignited and delighted by life? What helps you to feel full? Be careful not to over stimulate yourself, especially with artificial substances such as caffeine and other drugs, as this can simply cause further burnout.

Some jobs and people can rob you of this essential energy. These energy drainers need to be minimised or avoided where possible. Be assertive and say no to energy thieves, your inner critic and your inner people-pleaser. Encourage and make time for your own creative endeavours without feeling guilty and remember to honour the natural cycles of life. Sometimes your fire will bank down because it needs to rest. Even grey moments have their blessings and we most certainly would not appreciate the beauty of Creative Red moments if there were nothing grey with which to compare them.

To facilitate positive dynamic change, combine Creative Red with any of the following colours: White, Silver, Courage Orange, Healing Green, Vision Yellow. To enhance your ‘reality creating’ skills, meditate on Creative Red and Manifestation Orange.

Creative Red is highly therapeutic for anyone struggling with Depression Grey. If your inner fire has gone out, leaving only the grey ashes of a dead fire, visualise bringing it back to life. Imagine refuelling the fire while you focus on breathing Creative Red into your body with every inhalation, and release Depression Grey out of your body with every exhalation.   Now stir the ashes in search of hidden Courage Orange sparks and imagine blowing on these sparks until the fire re-ignites.

Firedancer Red

Firedancer Red is a vibrant crimson.

Troubleshooting for people with Aura Cards

If you have a deck of Aura Cards and you find this colour a challenge to read, this section is for you!

This generally isn’t an easy colour to talk about with most people. Generally, if I sense a client is unable to explore sexual issues and/or power issues with me, I simply glide over the top of it and don’t delve too deep. There’s no point in pushing up against boundaries that won’t budge, or offending someone, and I have great respect for the privacy of others.

If a client is comfortable talking about their sex lives, this card can be a fantastic ice-breaker to get the conversation rolling. If not, (or if you have drawn this card for yourself and you can’t relate to the sexual side of it) you might like to explore the following:

*Kundalini energy: We have a potent sleeping energy at the base of our spine that awakens and rises up the spine, through the chakras, as we awaken and grow spiritually. Research, discuss, explore…. what is kundalini energy, and what does it mean to you? Visualise a red fire of light rising gently and slowly from your base chakra, winding its way upwards along your spine and slowly, carefully, gently awakening each energy centre as it rises. “I am balanced in the expression of my fire” is a useful mantra to use with this visualisation.

*Breaking rules and not being a people pleaser anymore. Explore issues to do with rules, breaking rules, individuality, approval from others, rebellion, and so on

*Teenagers, issues from your teenage years and your inner teenager. The card itself can represent any of these three.

*Taking risks. This colour will generally encourage us to take pretty crazy risks. If you tend to play it overly safe and stay in your comfort zones, this could be a good thing! But it’s worth exploring any tendency to leap before you look.

*Short-term gratification. This colour stimulates our desire for short-term gratification and dampens down our ability to honour our long term, deeper values. Are you compromising your deeper values for a quick fix or a brief flash of pleasure? What might you be risking?

*Frustration. In many people, this colour is blocked, or being held back. Think of it as primal, base-chaklra passion. It wants power and pleasure and uninhibited self-expression. We usually hold back on that because it isn’t socially acceptable to express, or because we have conflicting values….. consider what the costs are when it comes to self-control and ask yourself if their is a safe/safer way to acknowledge your fire and get your base needs met without hurting anyone or violating your deeper values.  Continue reading

Blame/Stuck – a muddy orange-brown aura frequency

This blog is for anyone with a deck of my Aura Cards. Please contact me to enquire about purchasing.

Colour Perception:

The colour of Blame is a muddy, congested, brown tinged Orange, with glinting hints of angry red streaks. It provides a sick, groaning, heavy feeling to the body, with deeper feelings of pain and a sense of being forsaken. Energetically, this is one of the anger colours; a resonance partner to brown tinged Resentment Green.


Light Characteristics:

The presence of Stuck Orange in a card spread helps you acknowledge a blockage in your energy field that is holding you back and interfering with energy flow. This is particularly useful if you are being proactive about healing. The card position will tell you where the blockage is, so you know which chakra, body area and issues to focus on for healing.

For example, a blockage in the heart chakra will reduce energy flow and functioning in this part of the body. There could be problems with blood pressure, the upper back or the immune system. There may be problems with the giving or receiving of love, feelings of loneliness or a belief that ‘loved ones will always abandon me’. Once these issues are identified, they can be addressed and the blockage resolved.

Shadow Characteristics:

When we are healthy on all levels, our aura is a free flowing system of energy.. A blockage is a density or congestion of energy in the aura which impairs energy flow and functioning, much like a rock stuck in a pipe or a log in a stream. Energy then becomes unevenly distributed throughout the auric system as a result, with some areas receiving excess energy and others being starved of energy.

Every auric blockage is an unresolved issue from your past or present life. A problem or challenge that you have been unable to complete and move beyond, almost like an undigested experience or unfinished story that keeps revolving around inside us until we can find a way to make sense of it and be at peace with it. Sometimes this means letting go, at other times it means having to really tackle and confront an issue.

Think of a blockage as a blind spot in your vision, like an rock blocking your view. What is behind that rock? It can be difficult to really understand something if you cannot see it clearly. A lot of the time, we do not even know the rock is there, almost as though the rock itself is an invisible wall. You might have put the rock there yourself to block something out that you could not deal with at the time. Sometimes we know the block is there but we do not want to do anything about it. But more often than not, we are completely blind to the block, even when it is obvious to other people.

A block is like a gap in our understanding of ourselves, other people and life. When we resolve a blockage, we usually have an ‘aha’ moment where we finally see the light, almost like a puzzle piece clicking into place. We find new understanding and rewrite our experience of reality and our perception of self, others and life. When a block is resolved, our negative life story stops revolving and finally completes itself in a satisfactory way. We are let off the merry go round, liberated and set free to finally move forward.

Stuck Orange can represent blame; a habit of assigning responsibility for problems in your life onto other people and situations, whether past or present. If your life is not working for you, it is always tempting to make it someone else’s fault. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that your own personal happiness or lack of it is all up to you. Blaming other people or events in the past for our current state of affairs means that we do not have to be responsible for our own happiness, success and wellbeing.

Whilst past events and other people can have a profound effect upon us, it is ultimately up to us how we respond to these events and to other people. We can choose to give our power away and deny that we have any capacity to rise above these difficulties, or we can choose to take personal responsibility for our own happiness and take positive steps towards moving forwards.

People wearing Stuck Orange may be trying to punish others by staying stuck and saying ‘See what you have done to me? This is all your fault!’ (see Resentment Green). Some are consciously or subconsciously angry at God or Life for their perceived misfortune, so angry about the ‘hand they have been dealt’ that they protest by going on strike and refusing to live. They avoid forgiveness, because they think it means letting other people or God off the hook. In reality, forgiveness liberates us from our stuck state because it brings us to peace with what has or has not happened (see Harmony Purple).


Above Head – Anger at God, unresolved anger towards a deceased loved one or the presence of spirit guides who are attempting to help you get unstuck by moving beyond blame or any other blockage you may have.

Head – Assigning blame to others. A negative belief or idea that is holding you back.

Throat – Angry expression of blame towards others. Blocked creative expression.

Arms – Blame and anger in a relationship.

Hips –  Unresolved anger and blame to do with past issues such as childhood or past lives. Blaming a loved one, not taking responsibility for your part in a problem.

Hands-                        Anger and Blame to do with a work issue or work collegue. Possible self-esteem issues resulting in self-sabotage, with the underlying issue being loss of self-empowerment due to blaming others or the past.

Legs-               A period of time during which you may be tempted to blame others for your own problems.


Resentment Green-     Natural pairing. Anger, resentment, blame and jealousy.

Forgiveness Purple-    Beginning to let go of old blame issues and move forwards.

Ambition Red-            Highly competitive and jealous of others success which is seen as being unfairly come by.

Grey-  A highly stagnant state of apathy, despair, self-pity and anger.

Pinks-  Blaming a loved one, or blame issues in a relationship.

Soul-Retrieval-            unless surrounding colours are highly positive, most likely to respresent soul loss due to blame.

Abundance Green-      jealousy of others good fortune

Success Colour-          self-sabotage of personal success due to wounds from blame.

White-             A positive sign that blame is shifting and dispersing.