Anger – Neuroscience and the Aura

I love exploring emotions from both a neurological perspective and a philosophical one. Here’s some fantastic writing from Newberg and Waldman (How God Changes your Brain), about anger:

“Anger makes people indiscriminately punitive, blameful, pessimistic and unilaterally careless in their logic and reasoning skills. Furthermore, anger encourages your brain to defend your beliefs- be they right or wrong- and when this happens, you’ll be more likely to feel prejudice towards others. You’ll inaccurately perceive anger in other people’s faces, and this will increase your own distrust and fear. It’s an insidious process that feeds on itself, and it can influence your behaviour for very long periods of time, Eventually, it will even damage important structures in our brain.

Nor is it good for your heart. Regardless of your age, gender or ethnicity – anger, cynicism, hostility, and defensiveness will increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular problems. What makes anger particularly dangerous is that it blinds you to the fact that you are even angry; thus it gives you a false sense of certainty, confidence and optimism,”

This inspires so many thoughts for me!

The last point in particular, about anger making us feel certain, confident and optimistic might sound strange, but I have noticed that people use anger to protect themselves from depression, sadness and feelings of disempowerment. As a therapist, I’m often working towards helping people lift up their anger and take a look underneath, because it’s usually an offensive defence used to shield feelings of vulnerability.  Continue reading “Anger – Neuroscience and the Aura”

Resentment Green : Aura Colour



Like its companion colours Manipulation Green and Blame Brown, Resentment Green is a toxic colour muddied with Brown. Resentment Green sharp feel to it, like an unrelenting harshness. Some psychics experience this ‘sharpness’ as a bitter taste in the mouth or a sudden sharp smell that makes you recoil, like a strong vinegar or acid. In the aura or body, it feels like a sinking, hollow and hard sensation in the chest, along with a nauseating churning and ruminating just beneath this. It often makes the breathing feel tight and hot and a burning heat or pain may be felt in the digestive system, usually somewhere between the upper abdomen and throat.

Light Characteristics:

In order to manage Resentment Green in a positive way, we must first become mindful of our own mental and emotional state. This requires the mental discipline to stand back from ourselves long enough to observe the way our thoughts are shaping our emotions. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves about our resentful thoughts and feelings and take responsibility for them. It is often far more tempting to pretend we only have nice feelings or that the negative feelings we do have are somebody else’s fault.

You may need to speak up and be honest in order to improve a situation which feels unfair. Stay focused on the positive outcome you desire and do not allow your feelings to inflame the situation. Imagine being the other person. What approach would this person be most receptive to? If all else fails, find a mediator such as a counsellor, remove yourself from the situation, or find a way to accept and be at peace with the way things are. Sometimes this means finding a different way of looking at the same situation.

Shadow Characteristics:

Resentment is an angry, hurt feeling held inside, usually about something that seems unfair or unjust. Whilst the occasional, brief bout of bitterness is harmless and quite natural, the biochemistry of habitual, excessive resentment can be particularly corrosive, hence the traditional perception that ‘resentment eats away at you from the inside’. Unexpressed anger tends to grow rather than subside, festering away and bubbling up as passive anger or erupting in mini explosions.

People with a vested interest in being or appearing ‘nice’ often hide their anger. On the surface, they appear quite friendly, but their tone and body language often betray the truth hidden behind pleasant words and smiles. Or they may tell everyone about their anger except the person they are actually angry with, relying on ‘Chinese whispers’ to do the work for them. These mixed messages can be very confusing to others and tend to make relationships worse rather than better.

Some people feel resentful after they have said yes when they would rather say no, usually because they want to avoid feeling guilty. Unfortunately, they usually end up feeling guilty about feeling resentful and resentful about being made to feel guilty and so on. Being honest and speaking up in the first place can help us avoid this vicious cycle. If you say yes when you want to say no, your resentment will eventually find a way to express itself. You might take it out on someone else or subconsciously sabotage the help you have offered by getting sick, being late or breaking something.

Balancing Fire in the Heart

photo-24I’m making a potion for a client, an energy remedy with a herbal component.

The herbal carrier, or core remedy, is Nettles. Nettles is incredible on a spirit medicine level, working in very powerful ways to clear anger and resentment out of the aura. It’s particularly effective for cleansing, balancing and stabilising the solar plexus chakra, but in this instance, Nettles in going to be used to cleanse the heart chakra. Another way of saying this is that by clearing old anger out of the solar plexus, the heart chakra will become more stable, open, powerful…. because it’s being supported by a peaceful and empowered sense of self!

On a physical level, Nettles is a blood cleansing and building remedy. What does this mean? It means Nettles cleanses rubbish out of the tissues as well as enriching the red blood cells, making them more robust. There is definitely a sense of red-base-chakra energy about nettles, alongside it’s yellow sunlight-cutting-through-the-crap medicine! I always see yellow shafts or sword-like light when I work with nettles…. it makes me think of archangel Michael with his tie-cutting sword, or the silver energy of lightening bolts cutting through the darkness and waking us up with a bang.

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Sample Aura Card Reading


Gold in Crown Chakra

You have a sun-god type spirit guide with you, like Ra, Lugh, or Apollo. Actually, I’m seeing a centaur with you. I’ve noticed centaurs show up in women’s aura’s when they need help with romantic relationships issues. Centaurs help us experience top quality romantic love and care from men.

Resentment in Third Eye

Resentful thoughts. “I don’t have enough…” (because it’s combined with abundance and loneliness)…. Take care not to blame others for your lack/circumstances. Other people having more (or having what you don’t have), isn’t necessarily robbing from you. There is an opportunity here for you to turn your life around in some way, but only if you resist the temptation to blame others and sink into resentful self-pity.

Abundance in Throat

Hopefully, you are doing exactly this… notice the blessings in the lives in others and celebrate with and for them. Be generous and kind. Talk about the good things you do have in your life, celebrate them. Focus on the good.

Loneliness in Heart

This may be something you are feeling, or it might be someone around you. Loneliness can represent a temporary state of emptiness, loss, loneliness… when someone leaves our life for example. It can also represent deeper abandonment/rejection issues. With Loneliness here and midnight in your base… it looks as though your aura has a few holes due to loss. This is ok… holes in the aura can let the wind blow through… embracing the winds of change can be refreshing. It could be time to really let go of your old self/life.

Performance in Solar

Possiblities here are:

*Career/skills/hobby in performing arts (eg acting, dance, music)

*Needing to put on a professional persona or ‘front’ regarding of how you really feel

*Drama in the workplace

Home in the belly:

The best case scenario here is that you are ‘coming home to yourself’, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Probably not, though, given the position of this colour, and surrounding colours. Let’s say, it would be a good idea to work on becoming comfortable in your own skin. Look for the blessings- what are the good things about being you, living your life, having your body and the current home you live in?

Midnight in Base:

Lots of unknowns coming up! Be prepared for anything. There may well be endings around you. Remember that endings precede new beginnings. Don’t be afraid to cut your losses and start over anew, in some area of your life.