Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

The Chakra Collection features 7 blends designed to balance, nourish and strengthen the chakras. Each blend is made from Omanisa’s own hand-made remedies and includes 2 remedies each from Om’s Aura Colour series, her Central Australian flower essence range and her collection of gem elixirs. Om has over 30 years experience applying colour therapy in her own life and has been working as an Aura Colour … Continue reading Aura Spray – Crown Chakra (purple label)

Shaman Blue (Aura Colour Therapy)

This blog is an excerpt from my book ‘Aura Colour Therapy’.   Shaman Blue Shaman Blue is a deep green-blue, like the ocean under a night sky, the blue in the eye of a peacock’s feather, or the piercing gaze of a person with spiritual power, as they look right through you and deep into your soul. Seasoned Red is the yang or male equivalent … Continue reading Shaman Blue (Aura Colour Therapy)

Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.   The meditation teaches various grounding techniques using creative visualisation or magical intent. Grounding is a valuable technique to learn if you tend to be too floaty, spacey, vague, easily distracted, speedy or clumsy. As the counterpoint to (or anchor for) the altered state of mind accessed during healing and psychic work, … Continue reading Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

Enter through a gateway leading into your inner world and rediscover your your ‘inner nature’. This journey familiarises you with the centre of your sacred inner garden, a meeting place between you and spirit, wher many healing journeys can begin. By learning to stay focsed on imagined sensory information such as imagery, sounds, feelings, sensations, smells and so on, you strengthen your capacity to connect … Continue reading Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

The Strength Song

  Shamanic song healing combines sound therapy with ancient song healing, channeled through each song via Om’s spirit guides. Quite often, the song will be an evocation, a calling forth of a particular quality or energy into one’s life and being. In the Strength Song, the song is passed back and forth between three of Om’s guides, who stand together in a circle, calling strength in for the … Continue reading The Strength Song

Shamanic Class

One of the healing classes I run is a shamanic healing class. Last class was particularly beautiful, with the way everything unfolded and slipped into place.

Om: “Look around you at the corners of my clinic. Why do I have cobwebs? Why don’t I clean them away?”

Student reply: “Because it’s someone’s home”

Bless her! Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, indeed, the cobwebs are someones home. We talked further and I explained that spider is my power animal.

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Possum Magic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love this sketch and the magic it contains. When I first began working with it, I would always see a possum. After a while, I realised it was a female shaman whose power animal is the possum, shape-shifting into possum form and peering out at me from the branches of a tree.

When I was a child, I had an auntie. You could think of her like an adopted great-aunt, because she was closer to my grandmother’s age than my mother’s, even though she was one of my mother’s dearest friends. She lived in Tasmania on a farm, surrounded by animals. It was there that I watched Mother Cat give birth to her babies in the hay shed, snuggled together amongst the bales. It was at Auntie Joyce’s place that I learned how to scoop out the candied honey on a big knife and put it on the branch of the tree just outside her back door for Mother Possum, who lived in the roof with her family. Perhaps this is where I first made contact with the spirit guide in this sketch. Perhaps this guide is my Auntie Joyce in a past lifetime, stepping forward to heal with me.

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Healing Pain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis sketch was one I asked Spirit to bring through for me. It helps with the healing of pain. Right now, this sketch is telling me that it is stretching me, to release old pain and tension from my body. This old pain and tension comes not just from my personal history as a body and soul, but also the pain I am empathetically exposed to in the world around me. Spirit keeps talking to me about ‘history’, saying that the human being carries, to some extent, the worlds history, including all it’s pain and joy. This sketch helps us resolve this pain. It is especially applicable when this psychic pain is being experienced physically, expressed or embodied by the physical body itself.

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